Interactions, LLC Adds Risk Scoring Tech to Call Center Platform

Interactions, LLC Adds Risk Scoring Tech to Call Center PlatformMassachusetts-based Interactions, LLC is enhancing the security of its Intelligent Voice Assistants platform through a new partnership with Next Caller.

The latter specializes in phone-based fraud detection, offering a platform called VeriCall that is designed to produce a risk score for incoming calls based on the phone number and network information. Integrated into Interactions, LLC’s IVA platform, VeriCall will be used to trigger particular security measures as per client protocols, such as be re-routing calls deemed to be high-risk to a live agent, rather than an automated system.

The risk scoring technology complements other security features in Interactions, LLC’s portfolio, including voice biometrics technology that allows clients to enroll consenting customers’ voiceprints for future authentication. This same technology also allows for the creation of ‘Voiceprint Blacklists’, which can be used to quickly identify known fraudsters.

Commenting on the partnership in its announcement, Interactions, LLC Product Management Director Mary McKenna explained that “[c]ustomer service interactions generate massive amounts of data that are often sensitive, so being able to provide our clients with state of the art security is a must. Thus, adding Vericall to the Interactions, LLC platform allows the company to “strengthen our commitment to protect our clients and their customers from security threats,” she said.

December 4, 2018 – by Alex Perala