Mobile Biometrics

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What is mobile biometric technology?

Mobile BiometricsMobile biometrics solutions live at the intersection of connectivity and identity. They incorporate either one or many biometric modalities for authentication or identification purposes, and take advantage of smartphones, tablets, other types of handhelds, wearable technology, and Internet of Things devices for versatile deployment capabilities. Thanks to the versatility brought to the table by modern mobile technology, as well as the proliferation of mobile paradigms in the consumer, public, and private worlds, mobile biometrics are increasingly important.

Whether software based or hardware enabled, whether they match on device or on a secure server, whether they protect smartphone lock screens or identify wanted persons in the field of duty, mobile biometrics solutions account for an increasingly essential aspect of the overall biometrics landscape. There is nary a biometric modality that can’t be integrated into a mobile form factor, and as we have explored in our FindBiometrics webinar series, mobile biometrics are likely to hold the key to how we view and interact with identity as a whole in the near future.

Where can I find mobile biometric technology?

The first answer is obvious: your smartphone likely supports at least one biometric modality, be it fingerprint or iris courtesy of an integrated sensor, or face, voice, or vascular via biometric software the leverages the device’s built-in microphone and camera. Indeed, recent research has predicted that within only a few more years, every single smartphone will ship with built-in biometric technology for authentication purposes.

But consumers aren’t the be-all-end-all of mobile biometrics. Mobile biometrics got their start in law enforcement, and they still play an important role in fighting crime, allowing for the identification of persons of interest in the field. In healthcare, mobile biometric kits can be used to bring electronic health records to makeshift vaccination clinics in remote areas, and in India, mobile finger and iris readers are used to enroll rural citizens in its ambitious Aadhaar national ID program.

How are mobile biometric solutions making a difference?

The leading mobile wallets, which allow users to pay for goods and services at point of sale with their smartphones, use fingerprint and iris biometrics to authenticate transactions.

The growing popularity of mobile biometrics for consumers stoked the demand for integrated biometric security on smartphones so much that, in 2015, a fingerprint sensor manufacturer was the best performing stock in Europe.

Mobile biometric readers were used in the wake of the AsiaAir flight QZ8501 crash to help identify victims, cross referencing biometric traits with national ID databases so that surviving families could be notified.

Read on to meet the leading providers of Mobile Biometrics solutions.

BioCatch showcase  

BioCatch is a cybersecurity company that delivers behavioral biometrics, analyzing human-device interactions to protect users and data. Banks and other enterprises use BioCatch to reduce online fraud and protect against a variety of cyber threats, without compromising the user experience. Products & Services: Behavioral Biometrics, Middleware/Software, Mobile Biometrics, Financial

Aratek logo  

Aratek boasts of millions of installations worldwide. It is at the very forefront of harnessing the power of biometric technology to help governments, law enforcement agencies, banks, retailers and other enterprises mitigate risk, drive productivity and improve service levels. Our solutions are known to make a real difference, being the result of intensive consultation with experts, active listening to customers, and the application of advanced biometrics technologies. Products & Services: Facial Recognition, Fingerprint Readers, Financial, Mobile Biometrics


IDEMIA is the global leader in Augmented Identity for an increasingly digital world, with the ambition to empower citizens and consumers alike to interact, pay, connect, travel and vote in ways that are now possible in a connected environment. Securing our identity has become mission critical in the world we live in today. By standing for Augmented Identity, we reinvent the way we think, produce, use and protect this asset, whether for individuals or for objects. We ensure privacy and trust as well as guarantee secure, authenticated and verifiable transactions for international clients from Financial, Telecom, Identity, Public Security and IoT sectors. Product & Services: Fingerprint, Facial, Iris, Healthcare, Border Control/Airports, Financial, Justice/ Law Enforcement, Logical Access, Physical Access, Smartcards, Time & Attendance.

NEXT showcase  

Enabled by its patented NEXT Active Thermal principle, NEXT Biometrics ( offers high quality area fingerprint sensors at a fraction of the prices of comparable competitors. A wide range of product formats including Smartphones, Tablets, PC’s, Doors, Time registration systems, Wearables, Payment terminals, Flashdrives, USB-tokens, Key fobs and many more are targeted. Products & Services: Financial, Mobile Biometrics, Physical Access Control, Biometric Sensors & Detectors, Fingerprint Readers, Smart Cards

Crossmatch showcase  

Crossmatch® solutions solve security and identity management challenges for hundreds of millions of users around the world. Our proven DigitalPersona® composite authentication software is designed to provide the optimal set of authentication factors to meet today’s unique risk requirements and afford complete enterprise authentication coverage. Crossmatch identity management solutions include trusted biometric identity management hardware and software that deliver the highest quality and performance required for critical applications. Our solutions support the financial, retail, commercial, government, law enforcement and military markets. With 300 employees and customers in more than 80 countries, Crossmatch sets the standard for innovation and reliability. Learn more: Products & Services: Biometric Security, Border Control, Financial, Healthcare, Justice/Law Enforcement, Mobile Biometrics, Biometric Sensors & Detectors, Facial Recognition,  Fingerprint Readers, Hand Readers,  Iris Scanners,  Middleware & Software.

FaceTec logo  

FaceTec’s patented, class-leading 3D face authentication software, ZoOm®, anchors the chain of trust for mobile and web applications requiring certified, high-performance liveness detection.  Leveraging decades of experience in computer vision, artificial intelligence and advanced biometrics, ZoOm is fast becoming the global standard in onboarding, KYC and identity access management solutions.  For more information visit  Products & Services: Facial Recognition, Financial, Healthcare, Mobile


The world’s leading provider of advanced, optical fingerprint technology, SECUGEN designs and develops FBI-certified fingerprint readers, sensors, and software, including NIST/MINEX-compliant algorithms. SECUGEN products are sold through an extensive network of reseller partners including OEMs, ISVs, and system integrators to world-leading financial, medical, government, educational and corporate institutions. Products and Services: Border/Airport Control, Financial & Transactional, Logical Access, Physical Access, Mobile, Fingerprint Readers.


IDEX Biometrics, legal name IDEX ASA (OSE: IDEX), is the leading provider of fingerprint identification technologies offering simple, secure and personal authentication for all. We help people make payments, prove their identity, gain access to information, unlock devices or gain admittance to buildings with the touch of a finger. We invent, engineer and commercialize these secure, yet incredibly user-friendly solutions. Our total addressable market represents a fast-growing multi-billion-unit opportunity. Products and Services: Fingerprint, Smart Cards, Access Control, Financial, Healthcare, Mobile. 


Suprema is a global leader in biometrics and securities technology. By combining world renowned biometric algorithms with superior engineering, Suprema is able to continually develop and manufacture reliable industry leading products. Suprema’s extensive portfolio of products include biometric access control systems, time & attendance devices, fingerprint/live scanners and embedded fingerprint modules. Products & services: Fingerprint Readers, Consumer/Residential Biometrics, Justice/Law Enforcement, Mobile Biometrics

Leicestershire Police Try Biometric Face Recognition For Catching Crooks  

NEC has been at the forefront of defining leading-edge biometric identification solutions for over 40 years. NEC’s identification technologies include finger/palm print, DNA and face recognition solutions. NEC has developed some of the world’s largest and most complex identification infrastructure projects for government and law enforcement. Our mission is to help government and businesses use technology to build a safer environment for life and work. Products & Services: Fingerprint Readers, Mobile Biometrics, Facial Recognition, Justice/Law Enforcement, Financial and Transactional, Border Control/Airports, Healthcare Biometrics, Multi-modal Biometrics, Logical Access Control, Physical Access Control

FacePhi facial recognition  

FacePhi is a global leader in Facial Recognition technology. With a strong concentration in the financial sector, our product is rapidly becoming a service used by banks all over the world. Our technology enhances the client experience effortlessly by simply using the camera on their smartphone to take a selfie; this then becomes their method of identification and interaction with the bank’s mobile application.

Biocryptology universal platform  

Biocryptology® is a disruptive biometric-based authentication technology. The name references this platform’s high-quality encryption algorithm, which is combined with unique biometric identification and (in the case of the Swipe ID device) anti-tampering mechanisms to keep all ID verification and electronic transactions completely secure. Products & Services: Fingerprint, Financial, Logical Access, Mobile, Physical Access

Aerendir logo  

Aerendir Mobile Inc. is the pioneer developer of a novel physiologic biometric authentication technology called NeuroPrint™ (NP). Our company’s patented technology extracts a unique proprioceptive signal from micro-vibrational patterns in the user’s hands, using the accelerometers and gyroscopes that are standard in today’s mobile devices. Products & Services: Financail, Healthcare, Mobile, Biometric Sensors & Detectors, Physiological.


Onfido is building the new identity standard for the internet.Our AI-based technology assesses whether a user’s government-issued ID is genuine or fraudulent, and then compares it against their facial biometrics. That’s how we give companies like Revolut, Zipcar and Bitstamp the assurance they need to onboard customers remotely and securely. Our mission is to create a more open world, where identity is the key to access. For more information, please visit www.onfido.comProducts & Services: Biometrics Security, Financial, Mobile Biometrics, Facial Recognition


Sensory, Inc. creates a safer and superior UX through vision and voice technologies. Sensory’s technology is widely deployed in consumer electronics applications including mobile phones, automotive, wearables, toys, IoT and various home electronics. With its TrulyHandsfree™ voice control, Sensory has set the standard for mobile handset platforms’ ultra-low power “always listening” touchless control. Sensory’s TrulySecure™ is changing the authentication landscape with highly accurate voice and facial biometric fusion.  To date, Sensory’s technologies have shipped in over half a billion units of leading consumer products. Visit Sensory at

Ipsidy Identity transformed  

Ipsidy Inc. is a provider of secure, biometric identification, identity management and electronic transaction processing services.  Our identity transaction platform creates a trusted transaction, embedding authenticated identity and event details with a digital signature and using a participant’s mobile device to approve everyday transactions. Products & Services: Facial Recognition, Biometric Security, Mobile Biometrics, Financial

Precise showcase  

Precise Biometrics is a market leading supplier of solutions for convenient and secure authentication of people’s identity. We develop and sell fingerprint software and mobile smart card readers that provide the market’s best user experience and security. Our solutions are used hundreds of millions of times every day by people all over the world. Products & Services: Fingerprint, Mobility, Smart Cards, Financial, Middleware/Software

BioRugged Ruggbo  
BioRugged offers rugged enterprise terminals, used as the pivot for global biometric projects. Biometric services are durable and affordable including options for rural and urban deployment. Located in South Africa, Nigeria, China, DRC, Ethiopia, Dubai and Kenya. Contact us for information on our wide range or for customized hardware solutions. Products & Services: Biometric Security, Mobile Biometrics, Biometric Sensors and Detectors, Fingerprint Readers


BioCatch is a cybersecurity company that delivers behavioral biometrics, analyzing human-device interactions to protect users and data. Banks and other enterprises use BioCatch to reduce online fraud and protect against a variety of cyber threats, without compromising the user experience. Products & Services: Behavioral Biometrics, Middleware/Software, Mobile Biometrics, Financial

Read on to meet the leading providers of Mobile Biometrics solutions.