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    OnePlus 5 Features FPC Biometric Sensor

    “OnePlus is … sticking with a favorite FPC sensor, once again using an FPC1245 model in its new OnePlus 5 device after previously integrating the sensor into its OnePlus 3T.” Fingerprint Cards has announced multiple new smartphone integrations of its biometric sensors, including two repeat customers and one new one. Meitu’s new M8 device features…

  • US, Swedish Police Authorities to Share Access to Fingerprint Records
  • Biometric Audio Security Solution Gets Patent Approval
  • New ID Solution Embeds Iris Biometrics in Scannable Barcode
  • UPI Upgrade Could Boost Aadhaar Pay in India
  • IDEX Announces Flexible, Low-Power Fingerprint Sensor for NFC Cards
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      Consumer Biometrics Month: Why Average Users Shouldn’t Worry About Spoofing

      A recent HSBC report cited technophobia as a key obstacle in consumer adoption of new technologies such as biometrics, and while biometry is continuing to proliferate mobile devices to the point of near-ubiquity, there is little wonder why. Successful presentation attacks make major headlines in national and international news outlets every time a hacking group…

  • INFOGRAPHIC: BIO-key’s Biometric of Things
  • Financial ID Briefing: Technophobia, Selfie Finance, Copenhagen
  • Consumer Biometrics Month: 4 Easy End User Experiences
  • GUEST POST: Secure Your Travel Luggage With Biometric Locks
  • Financial ID Briefing: Fingerprint Scanning Payment Cards Get Commercialized
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      INTERVIEW: Ted Oorbals, CEO, Biocryptology Platform

      FindBiometrics President Peter O’Neill recently spoke with Ted Oorbals, CEO, Biocryptology Platform. The conversation begins with a brief rundown of the company’s fascinating 10 year history and a discussion of the end-user password experience driving the demand for easy biometric access control. Oorbals and O’Neill then speak in-depth about the company’s eponymous Biocryptology Platform and its…

  • INTERVIEW: Allen Ganz, Director, Advanced Recognition Systems Division, NEC
  • INTERVIEW: Gary Drutin, CEO, FST Biometrics
  • INTERVIEW: Rob Douglas, CEO, BioConnect
  • INTERVIEW: Robert Capps, VP of Business Development, NuData Security, A Mastercard Company
  • INTERVIEW: Sherida Sessa, Industry Vice President, ISC Events, Connected Security Expo & Unmanned Security Expo
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      Three Places Consumers Still Need Biometrics

      Late last year, Apple finally brought Touch ID biometrics to its MacBook Pro, making good on longstanding rumors that the fingerprint scanning functionality was coming to…

  • What’s The Next Step For Fingerprint Sensors on Smartphones?
  • GUEST POST: BioConnect and EyeVerify Re-confirm Accelerating Plans for Secure Authentication in the Financial Services Sector
  • Guest Blog – FotoNation: Biometrics in Financial Mobile Transactions
  • GUEST POST: BioConnect’s Bianca Lopes Reflects on Money20/20 Europe
  • GUEST POST: Will Fintech’s Love Affair With Biometrics End Badly For The Global Payment Giants Touting This Match Made In Heaven?
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      WATCH: Expert Behavioral Biometrics Webinar

      Behavioral Biometrics Month at FindBiometrics culminated with an expert webinar on Wednesday, April 26. The presentation, moderated by FindBiometrics President Peter O’Neill, starts with the latest market research from Maxine Most, Principal, Acuity Market Intelligence, providing an overview of the current behavioral biometrics market. Most is then joined by Ryan Wilk, Vice President, Customer Success,…

  • From Revolution to Evolution: The New Biometrics Landscape [WEBINAR]
  • WEBINAR: Biometrics Beyond Payments – Multi Factor Security And The Fight Against Fraud
  • Here’s What To Expect From Samsung SDS America’s Big Biometrics Webinar
  • WEBINAR – Connected Justice: The Benefits and Challenges of Biometric Law Enforcement
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