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    AMR Forecasts $33.9 Billion Emotion Recognition Market

    Allied Market Research (AMR) has released a new report that predicts that the market for emotion detection and recognition technology will climb from $5.8 billion in 2016 to $33.9 billion by 2023. Those numbers represent a CAGR of 28.9 percent between 2017 and 2023. AMR credited much of that growth to the rising ubiquity of IoT devices, including…

  • Biometric Solution Picks Up Gaming Industry Innovation Award
  • Genesys AppFoundry Lists LumenVox Voice Authentication Tech
  • LG Subsidiary Looks to SenseTime for Biometric Security
  • HID’s Biometric Tech Used to Authenticate Driver’s License Applicants in Singapore
  • Dermalog Provides Biometric Fever Detection at Thai Airport
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      Year in Review: The Industry Speaks, Part 4 – Simplifying Life with Biometrics

      The FindBiometrics Year in Review is a massive industry event, collecting the opinions of biometrics industry experts from a wide range of backgrounds. Each year our industry survey checks the industry pulse on the popularity of biometric modalities, the excitement around specific vertical markets, and attitudes toward critical industry issues like privacy, regulation and public…

  • Year in Review: 98% Support Educating the Public on Biometrics
  • UPDATED: Stay Up to Date on Our 17th Annual Biometrics Year in Review Coverage with Our Ongoing Roundup
  • Healthcare Biometrics Month: AI-driven Diagnosis
  • Year in Review: An Industry Divided Over Controversy
  • Year in Review: The Industry Speaks, Part 3 – Contactless, Frictionless, Invisible Biometrics
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      INTERVIEW: In Conversation with Money20/20 Europe’s Content Leaders

      Money20/20 is one of the most important conference programs in the financial services industry, and with biometrics playing an increasingly important role in FinTech, it has also become one of the key avenues for solutions providers to meet with their peers and potential partners. It’s a state of affairs to which FindBiometrics Digital Content VP…

  • INTERVIEW: Iris ID VP Mohammed Murad Talks Biometric Time Tracking, Healthcare, and More
  • INTERVIEW: Sensory CEO Todd Mozer on the Fused Future of Voice and Face Biometrics
  • INTERVIEW: Aerendir CEO Martin Zizi Demystifies Physiological Biometrics
  • INTERVIEW: Bob Eckel, Former MorphoTrust USA Head and Aware’s New CEO
  • INTERVIEW: Paravision CEO Doug Aley on NIST, Computer Vision, and the Big Market His Company Wants to Avoid
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      ID Talk Podcast: IDEMIA’s Matt Thompson on the Evolution of Mobile ID

      We are nearing the end of unpacking FindBiometrics’ 17th annual Year in Review Survey. In celebration of a new decade in biometrics, we are interviewing identity industry leaders on the ID Talk Podcast, discussing major milestones, trends and topics from biometrics throughout the past ten years. That’s why on this latest episode, we are pleased…

  • ID Talk Podcast: Jumio’s Dean Nicolls on AI, Biometrics and Fighting Fraud
  • ID Talk Podcast: The Decade in Biometric Border Control With CLEAR CEO Caryn Seidman-Becker
  • ID Talk Podcast: Iris ID’s Year in Review, Healthcare Biometrics, and Government Applications
  • ID Talk Podcast: SecuGen’s Year in Review and Optical Fingerprint Biometrics Innovation
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    Live Event Coverage

  • Money20/20: FacePhi CEO Javier Mira Talks Biometric ATMs and Passive Liveness Detection [Audio Interview]
  • Money20/20: IDEMIA’s Matt Thompson on Making Mobile Digital ID a Reality [Audio Interview]
  • Money20/20: Breaking Down the Jumio Go Beta Release with VP Global Marketing Dean Nicolls [Audio Interview]
  • Money20/20: Daon Americas President Conor White on “Identity Continuity” [Audio Interview]
  • Webinars

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      [WEBINAR] Biometrics & Money: Enabling the Future of Identity-First Finance

      Over the past five years, biometrics have fully transformed the financial experience, enabling secure mobile payments, frictionless anti-fraud measures, and trusted remote banking enrollment. Now, as we come to the end of the decade, with biometrics established as the foundation of strong identity, we look ahead to the potential of fingerprint-powered payment cards, biometrics enabled…

  • WEBINAR: Enterprise Biometrics in the Era of the Data Breach
  • Healthcare Biometrics Webinar: The Identity Revolution Comes to Healthcare
  • WEBINAR: Intelligent Biometrics and the New Face of Finance
  • WEBINAR: True Identity: The Biometric Government of Tomorrow
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