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    Healthcare Nonprofit Piloting Android-Based Biometric Patient Identification

    “Element offers a software-based system for Android devices that is designed to capture a subject’s palm or face biometrics using the smartphones’ or tablets’ built-in cameras.” A nonprofit healthcare organization is seeking to leverage biometric identification technology in the field to identify younger patients who lack official identification. The organization, Population Services International (PSI), was initially founded…

  • IDEMIA Delivers Biometric e-IDs to Nepalese Government
  • Financial Services Leaders Want Biometric Smart Cards: Survey
  • User Enthusiasm Propels Expansion of Fingopay Biometric Payments Solution at Copenhagen Business School
  • EFF Raises Alarm Over TSA’s Expanding Biometrics Efforts
  • Machine Learning Algorithms Make In-Display Sensor Faster Over Time: OnePlus
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    • Biometric Commerce

      Year in Review: Facial Recognition Was in the Spotlight in 2018, Warts and All

      Facial recognition technology has had a big year, in good ways and bad. On the positive side, Apple signaled a more or less definitive switch to 3D facial recognition as the primary mechanism for user authentication on its flagship smartphones: Having made a big splash last year with its introduction of Face ID on the…

  • Year in Review: The Rise of In-Display Fingerprint Biometrics
  • BRIEF: The Convergence of Biometrics and Computer Vision
  • Financial Biometrics Month 2018 – The Roundup
  • Why You Can’t Afford to Miss Our FinTech Webinar Presented With Money20/20
  • Financial Biometrics Month: Checking the Pulse of Biometric FinTech at Money20/20
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    • Biometric Commerce

      INTERVIEW: Aware’s David Benini On Knomi, FIDO UAF, and Industry Trends

      Aware, Inc. has long been a heavy-hitter in the biometric security industry, but it has had a particularly eventful year in 2018. The company won a huge contract from the UK Home Office this summer to work on an important biometric services project that will have applications in border control, immigration, and law enforcement. And…

  • INTERVIEW: Todd Mozer, CEO, Sensory – On Biometrics, AI and Connected Cars
  • INTERVIEW: Kevin Alan Tussy, CEO, FaceTec, Talks Spoofing and Liveness Detection [PART ONE]
  • INTERVIEW: IDEMIA VP Gary Jones on Augmented Identity, AI, and the MorphoWave
  • INTERVIEW: Rich Agostinelli, CEO, Crossmatch
  • INTERVIEW: Will Summerlin, Founder and CEO, Pinn
  • Podcasts

  • ISC East: Introducing Kogniz, a Computer Vision Specialist [AUDIO INTERVIEW]
  • ISC East: Princeton Identity VP Bob McKee Talks Iris-Based Access Control [AUDIO INTERVIEW]
  • ISC East: Ipsidy CEO Philip Beck Talks Integrations and Selfie Login [AUDIO INTERVIEW]
  • [Money20/20] FIDO’s Brett McDowell Talks FIDO2 and Biometrics
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    • Biometric Commerce

      Mobile Biometrics are at a Turning Point

      Just a few years ago, biometric authentication was something of a novelty for consumers. Now, it’s in more consumer tech products than ever, and its upwards trajectory remains solidly in place – particularly in the mobile sector. Nevertheless, mobile biometrics tech is also at a turning point, with conventional fingerprint scanning starting to look just…

  • Three Places Consumers Still Need Biometrics
  • What’s The Next Step For Fingerprint Sensors on Smartphones?
  • GUEST POST: BioConnect and EyeVerify Re-confirm Accelerating Plans for Secure Authentication in the Financial Services Sector
  • Guest Blog – FotoNation: Biometrics in Financial Mobile Transactions
  • GUEST POST: BioConnect’s Bianca Lopes Reflects on Money20/20 Europe
  • Webinars

    • Biometric Commerce

      WEBINAR: Preparing For a Post-Password Internet

      On Wednesday May 30 at 11 AM Eastern, FindBiometrics and the FIDO Alliance presented the latest in our expert biometrics webinar series: ‘Preparing For the Post-Password Internet.’ The culmination of On-Device Authentication Month, the webinar dealt with topics concerning FIDO2 standards empowering browsers to support password alternatives, the opportunities and challenges facing strong online authentication…

  • WEBINAR: Efficiency, Security and Trust in The Biometric Enterprise
  • WEBINAR RECORDING: New Frontiers in Mobile Biometrics
  • FindBiometrics Year in Review 2017: The Webinar
  • WEBINAR: Digital Identity in the Era of Cloud-Based Biometrics
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