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    San Francisco Bans City’s Use of Facial Recognition-Based Surveillance

    City officials in San Francisco have approved a proposed ban on the city’s use of facial recognition, clearing the way for it to become law. First proposed at the end of January, the legislation is designed to prohibit the use of facial recognition-based surveillance technology by city departments, and requires them to seek approval from…

  • NEXT Supplies Newland with Fingerprint Sensors for POS Terminals
  • HYPR Joins FIDO Alliance Board of Directors
  • BIO-key Q1 Update Shows US-China Trade War’s Impact
  • Neurobiometrics Specialist Now Scanning Thousands of Brains with Backing from Media, DoD
  • ZoOm 3D Biometric Face Authentication Protects ZenGo Cryptocurrency Wallet
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      Brief: Mobility Rules This Week’s Top Biometrics Stories

      The mobile sector has been an increasingly prominent one in the larger biometrics market since the Apple’s game-changing launch of Touch ID back in 2013, and with new innovations like Face ID and in-display fingerprint scanning, it shows no signs of slowing down. So it’s no wonder that FindBiometrics’ roundup of this week’s top biometrics…

  • Interview: Pat Patel on the Five Stories Powering Money20/20 Europe 2019 [AUDIO]
  • On-Device Biometrics Month: The Next Wave in Payments
  • On-Device Biometrics Month: The Rise of FIDO
  • On-Device Biometrics Month: The Primer
  • Enterprise Biometrics Month: The Roundup
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      Interview: IDEX Biometrics CEO Stan Swearingen on Asia’s Biometric Payment Cards Market

      The biometric payment cards market is coming to fruition after a period of accelerated innovation, and the Asian region is providing a fascinating case study for industry watchers. That’s why FindBiometrics Managing Editor Peter Counter recently spoke with Stan Swearingen, CEO of IDEX Biometrics, a pioneer in fingerprint-powered next generation smart cards. The conversation focuses…

  • Interview: Reed Exhibitions’ DJ Murphy on Digital Commerce, Biometrics, and What to Expect at CNP Expo 2019
  • Interview: CEO Stephen Thies on Integrated Biometrics’ Border Control, Law Enforcement Success
  • Interview: VBG CEO Pete Soufleris Discusses Hot Topics in Voice Biometrics
  • INTERVIEW: Ned Hayes, General Manager, SureID, on Fingerprint Biometrics and the Human Element of Identity
  • INTERVIEW: Invixium CEO Shiraz Kapadia on ISC West and Biometrics Industry Trends
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    • Biometric Commerce

      Interview: Pat Patel on the Five Stories Powering Money20/20 Europe 2019 [AUDIO]

      Money20/20 Europe is only weeks away, and before we pack our bags and head to Amsterdam to report live on the conference’s biometrics and digital identity news, we caught up with the event’s coordinator: Pat Patel, Content Director for Europe and Asia at Money20/20. In his audio interview with Peter O’Neill, President, FindBiometrics, Patel lays…

  • ISC West: CMITech COO Phil Tusa Talks Iris Biometrics Enhancements and a Shift to Multimodality [Audio]
  • ISC West Organizer Will Wise Talks Biometrics, Conference Highlights and More [Audio]
  • ISC West: Ever AI CEO Doug Aley on His Startup’s Rapid Growth [Audio]
  • ISC West: Ipsidy’s Philip Beck Talks Face-Based Onboarding and Access Control [Audio]
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      Mobile Biometrics are at a Turning Point

      Just a few years ago, biometric authentication was something of a novelty for consumers. Now, it’s in more consumer tech products than ever, and its upwards trajectory remains solidly in place – particularly in the mobile sector. Nevertheless, mobile biometrics tech is also at a turning point, with conventional fingerprint scanning starting to look just…

  • Three Places Consumers Still Need Biometrics
  • What’s The Next Step For Fingerprint Sensors on Smartphones?
  • GUEST POST: BioConnect and EyeVerify Re-confirm Accelerating Plans for Secure Authentication in the Financial Services Sector
  • Guest Blog – FotoNation: Biometrics in Financial Mobile Transactions
  • GUEST POST: BioConnect’s Bianca Lopes Reflects on Money20/20 Europe
  • Webinars

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      Healthcare Biometrics Webinar: The Identity Revolution Comes to Healthcare

      On Wednesday, March 6, 2019 at 11 AM Eastern, Healthcare Biometrics Month came to an end with the expert webinar: ‘The Identity Revolution Comes to Healthcare.’ FindBiometrics and HIMSS presented an interactive discussion about biometrics and identity verification in the booming global healthcare market featuring an expert panel: Peter Counter, Managing Editor, FindBiometrics (moderator) Rod…

  • WEBINAR: Intelligent Biometrics and the New Face of Finance
  • WEBINAR: True Identity: The Biometric Government of Tomorrow
  • WEBINAR: Preparing For a Post-Password Internet
  • WEBINAR: Efficiency, Security and Trust in The Biometric Enterprise
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