Facial Recognition

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What is facial recognition?

facial recognitionLike all biometrics solutions, face recognition technology measures and matches the unique characteristics for the purposes of identification or authentication. Often leveraging a digital or connected camera, facial recognition software can detect faces in images, quantify their features, and then match them against stored templates in a database.

Face scanning biometric tech is incredibly versatile and this is reflected in its wide range of potential applications.

Where do I find facial recognition?

Face biometrics have the potential to be integrated anywhere you can find a modern camera. Law enforcement agencies the world over use biometric software to scan faces in CCTV footage, as well as to identify persons of interest in the field. Border control deployments use face recognition to verify the identities of travelers. It even has consumer applications.

Thanks to its software based nature, face recognition tech has paved the way for selfie-based authentication on smartphones. Banking apps (like the one offered by USAA), payment apps (like MasterCard’s video selfie system) and simply logical access control—these are all made possible on any mobile device with a front facing camera.

We are also seeing face biometrics in the digital world, with Facebook, ShutterStock, and other social platforms that seek to organize incredible amounts of rich image data by identifying the people captured in them.

How is facial recognition making a difference?

Facial recognition doesn’t just deal with hard identities, but also has the ability to gather demographic data on crowds. This has made face biometrics solutions much sought after in the retail marketing industry.

St. Mary’s Catholic secondary school in St. Louis uses biometric cameras to scan faces and keep campus safe. Similar solutions can be seen making airport terminals more secure.

As a contactless biometric solution that’s easy to deploy in consumer devices, face recognition is showing the public just how convenient strong authentication can be.

Read on to meet the leading providers of Facial Recognition solutions.


Nok Nok Labs is the leading provider of strong, FIDO-based authentication to organizations with internet-scale mobile and web applications requiring improved user engagement and security. Nok Nok Labs’ S3 Suite software allows organizations to rapidly deliver multifactor authentication that improves user engagement while reducing fraud and deployment complexity. Products & Services: Financial, Mobile Biometrics, Facial Recognition, Fingerprint Readers, Voice and Speech Recognition


Founded in the USA in 2000, Smartmatic’s commitment to innovative technology and democracy has helped it to become the global leader of the electronic voting industry. Today, out of the eight countries pioneering election automation Smartmatic provides technology and services to six of them: Belgium, Brazil, Estonia, the Philippines, USA and Venezuela. The company has managed over 3,500 election projects across five continents, processing over 2.5 billion votes. It serves customers through an organization comprising over 600 employees across 12 offices around the world. Smartmatic is headquartered in London.
For more information, please visit www.smartmatic.com
Products & Services: Fingerprint Readers, Facial Recognition, Iris Scanner & Recognition, Voice / Speech Recognition, Border, Justice, Other,  Justice / Law Enforcement, Border Control, Physical Access Control, Other

Griaule logo  

Griaule Biometrics is a company on the cutting edge of fingerprint, face, iris and voice recognition technologies! Griaule is an award-winning company with over 20 FBI quality certifications, strategic partnerships and products backed by sound and innovative technologies, making it the market leader in providing ABIS for systems integrators. Products & Services: Facial Recognition, Financial, Fingerprint Readers, Law Enforcement, Iris Recognition, Voice Recognition

Leicestershire Police Try Biometric Face Recognition For Catching Crooks  

NEC has been at the forefront of defining leading-edge biometric identification solutions for over 40 years. NEC’s identification technologies include finger/palm print, DNA and face recognition solutions. NEC has developed some of the world’s largest and most complex identification infrastructure projects for government and law enforcement. Our mission is to help government and businesses use technology to build a safer environment for life and work. Products & Services: Fingerprint Readers, Mobile Biometrics, Facial Recognition, Justice/Law Enforcement, Financial and Transactional, Border Control/Airports, Healthcare Biometrics, Multi-modal Biometrics, Logical Access Control, Physical Access Control

FST showcase  

At FST, we believe that security should not interfere with the pace of life. Our identity management solutions use facial recognition along with other biometric technologies to quickly identify persons from a distance and in motion without the need for them to stop or slow down. The IMIDTM product line relies solely on the user’s identity, eliminating the need for fingerprints, keys codes, cards and other invasive biometrics identifiers. Our identity management solution can be seamlessly used for access control, customer loyalty programs and other applications. For more information, please read our white paper Improve your Bottom Line with the Right Identity Management SolutionProducts & Services: Financial, Healthcare, Physical Access, Facial Recognition, Multimodal Biometrics


Sensory, Inc. creates a safer and superior UX through vision and voice technologies. Sensory’s technology is widely deployed in consumer electronics applications including mobile phones, automotive, wearables, toys, IoT and various home electronics. With its TrulyHandsfree™ voice control, Sensory has set the standard for mobile handset platforms’ ultra-low power “always listening” touchless control. Sensory’s TrulySecure™ is changing the authentication landscape with highly accurate voice and facial biometric fusion.  To date, Sensory’s technologies have shipped in over half a billion units of leading consumer products. Visit Sensory at www.sensory.com

FacePhi facial recognition  

FacePhi is a global leader in Facial Recognition technology. With a strong concentration in the financial sector, our product is rapidly becoming a service used by banks all over the world. Our technology enhances the client experience effortlessly by simply using the camera on their smartphone to take a selfie; this then becomes their method of identification and interaction with the bank’s mobile application.

StoneLock - The Face of Recognition  

StoneLock is a global leader in designing and manufacturing secure biometric access control solutions.  Utilizing Near-Infrared (NIR) technology, StoneLock technology offers rapid and reliable verification of identity without the use of images – even in total darkness.  Our best-in-class solutions will never store personal identifiable information and guarantee ease of use for both users and security professionals. Products & Services: Biometric Security, Financial, Border Control/Airports, Facial Recognition

Crossmatch showcase  

Crossmatch Technologies is a leading global provider of biometric identity management systems, applications and enabling technologies to governments, law enforcement agencies and businesses around the world. Offerings include biometric technologies capable of wireless, mobile or stationary use that encompass fingerprint, palm and full-hand scanners, facial recognition systems, iris scanning technology, document readers, biometric software, and related services. Products & Services: Border Control, Facial Recognition, Financial/Transactional, Fingerprint Readers, Hand Readers, Healthcare, Iris Scanners, Justice/Law Enforcement, Middleware Software, Mobile Biometrics, Other.

Biomretric Software and Services Provider Aware, Inc  

Aware provides COTS, standards-based biometrics software for law enforcement, border management, defense, credentialing, and access control. Each product provides granular functionality and is available a la carte:

  • SDKs for fingerprint, face, and iris
    • Enrollment
    • Capture device hardware abstraction
    • Image quality assurance
    • Standard-compliant data formatting and validation
  • BioComponents™ enrollment applets and controls
  • URC™ .NET biometric enrollment application
  • WebEnroll™ browser-based biometric enrollment
  • Biometric Services Platform (BioSP™)
  • Nexa™ fingerprint, face, and iris search and match SDKs
  • INQUIRE™ identity data analytics SDK

Products & services: Fingerprint Readers, Middleware / Software, Justice / Law Enforcement, Facial Recognition


FaceTec has developed ZoOm®, a Universal Biometric Selfie Login SDK for Android/iOS smartphones, a 100% software solution that can be easily added to any app.   ZoOm meets the convenience needs of end users, and the banking-level security demands of app publishers with TrueLiveness™ detection and FIDO certification.  For more information visit https://zoomlogin.com/#revolutionary  Products & Services: Face, Financial, Healthcare, Mobile


MorphoTrak provides the technology and performance trusted by FBI NGI for 10-print, latent, and RISC fast-ID matching and 50% of U.S. State Law Enforcement. Reporting to Morpho, MorphoTrak is part of the world’s largest biometric company. Morpho is a leading innovator of interoperable biometric identification systems as well as finger/palm/vein, facial and iris recognition. With 40 years’ experience, Morpho technology serves more than 450 government agencies in over 100 countries and is consistently ranked #1 by NIST for enrollment and matching accuracy. For more information, visit www.morpho.com/USA

Products & services: Biometric Sensors and Detectors, Facial Recognition, Fingerprint Readers, Iris Scanners & Recognition, Smart Cards, Border Control / Airports, Consumer / Residential Biometrics, Justice / Law Enforcement, Logical Access Control, Mobile Biometrics, Other Uses of Biometrics, Physical Access Control, Time and Attendance, Hand Readers & Finger Scanners, Middleware/Software, Vein Recognition.

Nok Nok Labs is the leading provider of strong, FIDO-based authentication to organizations with internet-scale mobile and web applications requiring improved user engagement and security. Nok Nok Labs’ S3 Suite software allows organizations to rapidly deliver multifactor authentication that improves user engagement while reducing fraud and deployment complexity. Products & Services: Financial, Mobile Biometrics, Facial Recognition, Fingerprint Readers, Voice and Speech Recognition

Read on to meet the leading providers of Facial Recognition solutions.

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