NICE Provides Real-Time Authentication for Vietnamese Bank

NICE Provides Real-Time Authentication for Vietnamese Bank

NICE has found another customer for its Real-Time Authentication (RTA) platform, announcing a new partnership with a domestic bank in Vietnam. The bank operates 25 branches and 30 transaction offices in the country, although the name of the financial institution was not revealed as part of the announcement.

RTA is a voice recognition solution geared towards call center applications. The platform is designed to authenticate users through natural conversation in the first few seconds of a call, thereby preventing fraud while offering greater security and convenience to the bank’s customers.

“We are proud to assist in keeping their customers’ information protected, all while simplifying the process,” said Darren Rushworth, the President of NICE APAC. “NICE RTA provides secure voice authentication, which delivers quicker and more efficient customer service while also shielding customers from fraud.”

NICE enhanced the RTA platform with the addition of an AI fraud prevention system over the summer, and later formed a partnership with the financial services provider PostFinance. The company has already made inroads in the Asian market after deploying Real-Time Authentication for the Permata Bank in Indonesia

March 15, 2019 – by Eric Weiss