Indonesian Bank Deploys NICE Voice Recognition in Call Centers

Indonesia’s Permata Bank has become the country’s first domestic bank to implement voice-based authentication for its customers, thanks to NICE technology. Indonesian Bank Deploys NICE Voice Recognition in Call CentersThe bank is using NICE Real-Time Authentication, a system designed to identify customers calling into the organization through the voice biometrics evident in their natural speech, enabling passive and unobtrusive authentication.

It’s a system that could have a substantial impact on operational efficiency: After it was deployed by Swiss telecom Swisscom at the end of last year, that client reported that it had reduced the time needed for customers authentication by an average of 22 seconds – a time savings that can add up when scaled across a large customer base. And given that NICE upgraded its platform earlier this year such that authentication can now be done in 15 seconds or less, it could prove to be an even greater boon for Permata Bank.

The financial institution was already a client of NICE’s workforce management solutions before embracing the voice biometrics solution. In a statement announcing the deployment, Permata Bank Director of Consumer Banking Bianto Surodjo suggested the move is expected to give the bank a competitive advantage, asserting that its “introduction of voice biometrics in the local banking industry positions us as a leader in financial services innovation throughout Indonesia.”

Permata Bank’s deployment of voice authentication technology for its call-in centers reflects a broader trend in the financial services industry, with international players like HSBC also having recently embraced the technology.

October 2, 2017 – by Alex Perala