NICE Announces Upgraded Voice Authentication System

NICE has announced an enhanced version of its Real-Time Authentication solution.

NICE Announces Upgraded Voice Authentication SystemThe platform is designed to offer natural voice recognition for call-in center applications, identifying customers in an entirely passive manner, without the need to go through tedious security questions and passcodes. The platform received the 2016 Kachina Award from Saddletree Research last autumn, and also received praise from client Swisscom after a deployment with that telecom.

Announcing the improved platform, NICE asserted in a statement that it can authenticate a customer in “no longer than 15 seconds” during a live call. And for deployments in automated voice response systems, authentication can be done in three to five seconds.

The upgrade arrives at a time when organizations – and perhaps especially major banks – are increasingly turning to voice recognition for call center authentication. For its part, NICE is expected “to be a key driver for accelerated global growth and wider implementation of large-scale voice authentication systems,” commented Opus Research Lead Analyst Dan Miller.

March 1, 2017 – by Alex Perala