Xpressa Payment Solutions Deploys Ipsidy’s Verified Authentication Platform

Xpressa Payment Solutions Deploys Ipsidy's Verified Authentication Platform

Ipsidy has deepened its existing partnership with South Africa’s Safetrade Africa and its Xpressa Payment Solutions division. Already an authorized Ipsidy reseller, Safetrade has now deployed Ipsidy’s Verified Portal Solution at its Xpressa call center to enable biometric authentication on customer support calls made from a smartphone.

Verified is a selfie authentication platform that will allow Xpressa agents to trigger an authentication request when speaking with a customer. The customer can fulfill the request with a simple selfie taken from their registered smartphone. The photo is then measured against a biometric template linked to the account.

The system is designed to improve security and reduce the amount of time spent on every call. According to Xpressa, a verification process that used to take up to 90 seconds now takes an average of 20 to 30 seconds thanks to Ipsidy’s technology.   

“We now get customer authorisation on any changes to their payment profile without the customer having to submit additional documentation,” said Xpressa Operations Manager Preyen Singh. “These changes can now be done immediately over the phone, decreasing turnaround times on support calls.”

Ipsidy has recently been promoting selfie authentication as a safe and convenient form of identity management. The Verified platform is currently in place at Panama’s Unibank, while Safetrade Africa has been using Ipsidy’s technology since their partnership was first announced in October 2018.   

February 27, 2019 – by Eric Weiss