Ipsidy Shareholders Show Support at Annual Meeting

Ipsidy Shareholders Show Support at Annual Meeting

Ipsidy appears to have the full confidence of its backers: The company has announced that at its recent Annual Meeting of Stockholders, all of management’s proposed resolutions were passed.

The company didn’t go into great detail in its announcement about what these resolutions pertained to, but did note that one result of the voting is that CEO Philip Beck, Herbert Selzer, Ricky Solomon, Theodore Stern, and Thomas Szoke were re-elected to Ipsidy’s Board of Directors.

Ipsidy is a biometric identification and identity management solutions provider, with a specialization in selfie-based authentication in particular. The company recently partnered with Ayonix, enabling Ipsidy to integrate the latter’s 3D facial extractor and matcher system into its own platform – an important development that Philip Beck discussed in an interview with FindBiometrics President Peter O’Neill at this year’s ISC East security conference.

Thanks in part to the huge advances in facial recognition technology in recent years, and the ubiquity of camera-equipped smartphones, selfie-based authentication has become one of the biggest trends in the biometrics industry. As a major software provider in this area, it is perhaps little surprise that Ipsidy is seeing strong support from its shareholders.

December 17, 2018 – by Alex Perala