Ipsidy Grants Access to Security Company in Peru

Ipsidy Grants Access to Security Company in Peru

Ipsidy is bringing its biometric identity technology to a new partnership with Boxer Security, S.A., a private security firm operating in Peru. Boxer provides its clients with a raft of security services that range from perimeter control and fleet transportation to consulting and events, and will be using Ipsidy’s Access platform to ensure employees make it to work on time.

“We are excited to integrate Ipsidy’s biometric identity solution to strengthen security and simplify time and attendance,” said Boxer’s Eduardo Gaviria. “We believe Access will allow us to improve security processes and overall employee and customer experience.”

Boxer employees will use Ipsidy’s biometric authentication features to clock in at work, linking a mobile facial recognition scan (with liveness detection) to geo-tracking data to make sure they made it to the right location. That last feature is particularly important for a company that regularly sends security personnel to remote sites in the field.

“Together we will implement the highest level of biometric security, control, and certainty for everyday transactions,” added Ipsidy CEO Philip Beck. 

The deal with Boxer is one of the first to emerge from Ipsidy’s new partnership with Mobile Solutions Peru, which was forged to extend Ipsidy’s reach in Latin America. Ipsidy has formed a similar partnership with Noftek to expand its foothold in the Caribbean. 

April 30, 2019 – by Eric Weiss