New Logistics IT Partner to Extend Reach of Ipsidy’s Biometric Tech in Latin America

New Logistics IT Partner to Extend Reach of Ipsidy's Biometric Tech in Latin America

A new partnership should help to further extend Ipsidy‘s reach in the Latin American market.

The biometric authentication specialist’s latest partner is Mobile Solutions Peru, a GPS solutions provider for the trucking industry. The company is going to offer Ipsidy’s major identity solutions – Access, Verified, Proof, and Transact – to its client network, which includes organizations in financial services, security, retail, and telecommunications, in addition to transportation.

Ipsidy’s Verified and Proof solutions revolve around the use of selfie-based identity verification facilitated by facial recognition software, combining it with government-issued ID reading to enable convenient, mobile-based biometric authentication. The Access solution applies this approach to physical access control – indoors or outdoors – and Transact leverages the biometric identity technology in digital payments.

In a statement announcing the collaboration, Mobile Solutions Peru General Manager suggested that offering Ipsidy’s technology could help to make his firm stand out in the market. “We are excited to partner with Ipsidy to resell the company’s suite of biometric identity solutions and be an early adopter in the Peruvian and Chilean markets to offer this technology,” he said, adding that his team believes “Ipsidy’s solutions will provide our clients with the highest level of identity, transaction and access authentication.”

News of the partnership comes soon after Ipsidy’s announcement at ISC West that it has teamed up with RemoteLock to bring its selfie authentication technology to the latter’s cloud-based access control platform.

April 26, 2019 – by Alex Perala