Panamanian Bank Opts for Selfie Authentication, Care of Ipsidy

Panamanian Bank Opts for Selfie Authentication, Care of IpsidyUnibank Panama is opting for a new login system for its customers from Ipsidy, adopting the company’s Verified biometric, multi-factor authentication system into its digital services.

Ipsidy conducted the deployment along with integration partner Datapro, and while the full launch is on hold pending domestic regulatory approvals, the client already appears to be quite satisfied. In a statement announcing the integration, Unibank VP of Technology Nicolás Saval explained that his organization was looking for “a secure but user-friendly solution to provide additional protection for our customers’ online and mobile account access, account change authorization as well as transaction approval,” and said, “The Ipsidy/Datapro solution checks all the boxes.” Saval added that the integration was “seamless from our point of view”.

Ipsidy’s Verified solution is designed to enable selfie-based authentication using facial recognition technology. As such, its integration by Unibank Panama reflects a broader trend in the financial services world as a growing number of banks and other service providers look to selfie-based authentication systems to accommodate growing use of mobile channels among customers, as well as broader digitization trends and a corollary rise of digital crime.

Ipsidy’s news about its Unibank deployment comes in the same week as its announcement that it had teamed up with Safetrade Africa, which will act as a reseller of Verified and Ipsidy’s Access biometric access control solution in the southern African and Indian Ocean regions.

October 12, 2018 – by Alex Perala