Pindrop Announces ‘Deep Voice’ Biometric Engine

Pindrop has announced a new caller identification system for the enterprise that is powered by a new biometric engine called Deep Voice.

Pindrop Announces 'Deep Voice' Biometric EngineWhile Deep Voice is, of course, a voice recognition system, the new Pindrop Passport system combines it with behavioral analytics technology – dubbed ‘Toneprinting’ – and Pindrop’s longstanding Phoneprinting technology, which analyzes a range of metadata-type metrics of a given call, such as geolocation and smartphone model, to determine the risk of fraud. That makes for a pretty comprehensive set of data for caller identification, which should in turn dramatically reduce the risk of fraud in call centers; and by making caller authentication a passive process that essentially runs in the background, Pindrop says the solution can reduce call times by almost a minute and reduce operations costs by up to a dollar per call.

For Pindrop, the solution and its underlying Deep Voice technology represents an important pivot to voice biometrics. In a statement announcing the systems, Pindrop CEO and co-founder Vijay Balasubramaniyan explained that the “newly patented Deep Voice engine is creating new opportunities for Pindrop as we see voice eating all other interfaces.”

The development comes amid what appears to be growing interest in voice authentication for the call center; and by combining such biometric technology with the additional factors enabling by its Phoneprinting and Toneprinting systems, Pindrop may be able to distinguish its solution as particularly thorough and reliable means of caller identification.

January 25, 2018 – by Alex Perala