Pindrop Gets Major CUSO Deployment

PSCU has become the first credit union service organization (CUSO) to implement Pindrop’s call analytics system into its call center.

Pindrop Gets Major CUSO DeploymentPindrop’s Phoneprinting platform assesses 147 different metrics connected to a given call, from the kind of device being used to make the call to its geographic location, in order to detect potential fraud. It’s able to monitor both live calls and those connected to an interactive voice response system, and Pindrop says it can help clients to discover more than 80 percent of caller fraud with a false positive rate under one percent.

Now, it could have a considerable impact through its PSCU deployment. The Florida-based CUSO says it supports over 20 million accounts through more than 850 credit unions.

In a statement announcing the deployment, PSCU Chief Risk Officer and SVP Jack Lynch asserted that Pindrop’s solution “will help toughen our resistance” to emerging fraud threats.

March 7, 2017 – by Alex Perala