ValidSoft Provides Secure Voice Authentication for Persistent Systems

Biometrics News - ValidSoft Provides Secure Voice Authentication for Persistent Systems

ValidSoft has joined forces with Persistent Systems to provide banks and credit unions with better digital voice authentication technology. The two companies have developed a solution that integrates ValidSoft’s Precision Voice Biometrics platform into the Persistent Digital Bank Solution.

The integration will enable continuous authentication, allowing financial institutions that are interested in the service to use voice biometrics to verify the identities of their customers.  

“Voice obsoletes traditional authentication models. Speed, accuracy and precision are the crucial competitive differentiators,” said Persistent General Manager Jaideep Dhok.

“Guaranteeing the integrity of the transaction is vital,” added ValidSoft Executive Chairman and CEO Pat Carroll. “Identity Assurance provides users confidence as speech becomes the user interface of choice for the initiation of sensitive high value transactions.”

Persistent’s client base primarily consists of small and medium-sized banks in addition to credit unions, though ValidSoft has previously provided voice authentication tech for major corporations and larger banks. In June, the company’s tech was also integrated into the Digital Identity blockchain platform from INTELid.

ValidSoft’s solution is able to determine the identity of a speaker through simple vocal interactions. The technology reduces friction during customer interactions with financial institutions, and can enable secure transactions while simultaneously reducing the threat of fraud.

January 23, 2020 – by Eric Weiss