Sensory Tech Underlies Various Voice Interaction Products at CES 2018

A number of companies are going to be showing off devices featuring voice-based interaction at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show, and in many cases Sensory Inc. technology will be the common denominator.Sensory Tech Underlies Various Voice Interaction Products at CES 2018

The company has announced that versions of its TrulyHandsfree and TrulySecure solutions will be showcased at more than three dozen exhibits on the show floor. TrulyHandsfree, Sensory’s wake word and voice control solution, and TrulyNatural, which specializes in natural speech recognition, will be featured in offerings from a wide range of companies including big names like Amazon, Honeywell, Huawei, LG, Mitsubishi, Motorola, NVidia, Samsung, and Google Waze.

In a statement announcing its widespread CES presence, Sensory attributed much of its success to “mutually beneficial relationships with leading chip manufacturers, IP providers and all leading operating systems,” which have helped to deploy its technology across iOS, Windows, and Android platforms. NXP, Qualcomm, Samsung LSI, Synaptics, and Texas Instruments are some of the bigger names among these partners.

Commenting further, Sensory CEO Todd Mozer asserted that “varying forms of Sensory AI can be found in products ranging from ultra-compact wearables to large kitchen appliances.”

Of course, Sensory isn’t just relying on its partners to showcase its technology at CES; the company is also on hand to offer private demos, and is still inviting event attendees to get in touch to schedule such a presentation. CES 2018 will run from January 9th to 12th in Las Vegas.

January 8, 2018 – by Alex Perala