MWC 2019: Sensory CEO Todd Mozer Talks Embedded AI, Biometrics [Audio]

MWC 2019: Sensory CEO Todd Mozer Talks Embedded AI, Biometrics [Audio]
Todd Mozer, CEO, Sensory, Inc. (left) and Susan Stover, Director of Digital Content, FindBiometrics , at MWC Barcelona.

FindBiometrics is in Barcelona, reporting live from Mobile World Congress: the most important mobility conference in the world. This year, MWC’s theme is ‘Intelligent Connectivity’, and with AI, IoT, biometrics and identity all converging to bring about new and innovative user experiences, it was only appropriate we catch up with Sensory, Inc., an industry leader in those converging fields. On day one of the conference, our own Director of Digital Content, Susan Stover, sat down with Sensory CEO Todd Mozer, for an audio interview.

Mozer gave an overview of what his company is focusing on this year in Barcelona. Sensory is showcasing its comprehensive line of embedded AI technologies, demonstrating the various ways intelligent voice, speech and face recognition can work on-device, rather than in the cloud. According to Mozer, Sensory is “on an awesome roll” this year, and that’s evident at MWC, where the company’s biometrics are shipping on multiple new handsets launched by Nokia.

Turning his gaze to the future, Mozer tells Stover what’s on the horizon for the company as it continues to develop vision/voice fusion technologies that can recognize sounds, emotions, user intentions and more.

Listen to the full interview with Todd Mozer, CEO, Sensory, Inc.:

(Originally posted on Mobile ID World)