MWC 2019: CEO Stefan K. Persson Discusses Precise Biometrics’ Expansion Efforts [Audio]

MWC 2019: CEO Stefan K. Persson Discusses Precise Biometrics' Expansion Efforts [Audio]
Stefan K. Persson, CEO, Precise Biometrics (left) and Susan Stover, Director of Digital Content, FindBiometrics, at Mobile World Congress 2019

Precise Biometrics has unquestionably established itself as one of the market leaders in providing fingerprint algorithm software for mobile devices over the last several years, with its Precise BioMatch technology used in a wide range of smartphones and adjacent devices. Regardless, the mobile biometrics market has become saturated in the last couple of years in particular, with intense competition helping to drive down Average Selling Prices, and this has pushed a number of biometrics specialists to look for new opportunities in the mobile sector and beyond.

In this new effort, Precise Biometrics is again emerging as an important leader. The company announced an expansion beyond fingerprint biometrics to multimodal solutions last autumn, with its new “YOUNiQ” solution adding face, voice, and iris biometrics to the mix. Naturally this turned out to be a notable topic when Precise Biometrics CEO Stefan K. Persson spoke to FindBiometrics’ Susan Stover from the show floor of Mobile World Congress this week; and he also delved into some of the new application areas Precise Biometrics is exploring, highlighted the recently announced integration of its technology into a new car from Hyundai. And these are just a couple of the opportunities Precise Biometrics has been exploring lately, as Persson made clear in the full interview:

Listen to the full interview with Stefan K. Persson, CEO, Precise Biometrics:

(Originally posted on Mobile ID World)