[Money20/20] BioConnect CEO Rob Douglas On Why He’s Buying Everybody Lunch

[Money20/20] BioConnect CEO Rob Douglas On Why He's Buying Everybody Lunch

BioConnect has had a very busy October. Only about a week ago, the company announced that it had upgraded BioConnect ID, a multimodal authentication platform for the enterprise that supports facial, fingerprint, eye, voice, and behavioral biometrics. Then the Toronto-based company’s executives flew down to Las Vegas for Money20/20, where they’ve announced a big new deployment with Bank of Montreal, one of Canada’s biggest banks.

FindBiometrics President Peter O’Neill had an opportunity to catch up with BioConnect CEO Rob Douglas on the show floor at Money20/20, and in their interview Douglas discussed the BMO deployment and what it means for the bank’s customers. Later in the interview, Douglas also talked about the growing demand for biometric security that BioConnect has seen, and he explained why BioConnect is buying lunch for 20,000 people at Money20/20 Las Vegas.

Listen to our full audio interview with Rob Douglas, CEO, BioConnect:

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