BRIEF: Cutting-Edge IT at HIMSS 2019

BRIEF: Cutting-Edge IT at HIMSS 2019

The healthcare sector represents a byzantine industry with a complex set of technological needs. Accordingly, it’s an area in which biometric technology offers some compelling applications, and is starting to make some serious inroads.

It’s no wonder, then, that such technologies showed a stronger presence than ever at this year’s healthcare IT-focused HIMSS conference in Orlando this week. A range of newly-announced solutions helped to illustrate the various ways in which biometric technology can make an impact in healthcare.

Here’s a sampling:

New security solutions were unveiled for healthcare providers, in the form of both software and hardware:

Atos Announces New Cybersecurity Plan for Healthcare Providers

Healthcare-Focused Lenovo Laptop Features Crossmatch Fingerprint Reader

There were also new solutions for patients, including a biometric wearable designed to monitor key vital signs and a mobile to help patients and visitors navigate bewildering hospital facilities:

VivaLNK’s New Wearable Device Will Monitor Patient Health and Generate Clinical Data

HID Global Focuses on Location Services at HIMSS 2019

A new AI system pointed to the future of medical documentation:

Nuance Unveils AI-Driven ‘Ambient Clinical Intelligence’ Solution at HIMSS

And, of course, top leaders from the biometrics and identity verification industries were on hand to discuss how their solutions and biometric technologies in general can help to revolutionize healthcare IT:

HIMSS: John E. Ahrens, CEO of Veratad, on ID Verification in Healthcare

HIMSS: BioConnect CEO Rob Douglas Talks Biometrics, Rightful Identity and Healthcare [AUDIO]

HIMSS: How Nuance is Revolutionizing Healthcare with Advanced AI [AUDIO]

February 15, 2019 – by Alex Perala