Data a Central Concern in New HIMSS Predictions for 2019

HIMSS has launched a new annual predictions report, with the inaugural publication entitled, “2019 Healthcare Trends Forecast: The Beginning of a Consumer-Driven Reformation”. The white paper includes insights from leaders across HIMSS and its partner organizations Health 2.0, Healthbox, and PCHAlliance.

In a statement announcing the new publication, HIMMS offered a few highlights from its predictions. For example, the white paper forecasts that healthcare providers will increasingly look for mechanisms to account for the social determinants of health in their triage and care approaches, while another prediction holds that in the year to come, “privacy and security will be top of mind”, with providers increasingly looking to the private sector for help. In both of these predictions, data will play an important role.

Regarding the privacy and security concerns, biometric technologies are likely to play a growing role. Such technologies are already being used to verify patients in EPCS, and to securely link Electronic Health Records to their respective patients. Much of the current enthusiasm revolves around their efficiency and reliability; but biometric authentication also offers clear benefits in data protection, and thus will likely become even more appealing with respect to HIMSS’ prediction.

All the more reason, then, for FindBiometrics’ Premier Media Partnership with HIMSS announced last month, with both organizations now positioned to deliver the most important healthcare biometrics news as it develops.

February 5, 2019 – by Alex Perala