HIMSS: John E. Ahrens, CEO of Veratad, on ID Verification in Healthcare

HIMSS: John E. Ahrens, CEO of Veratad, on ID Verification in Healthcare

The identity revolution that transformed consumer mobile and financial services technology is finally coming to healthcare and that’s why FindBiometrics is reporting live from the 2019 HIMSS conference and Exhibition in Orlando Florida, bringing you audio interviews with industry thought leaders. John E. Ahrens, CEO of Veratad, is one of those thought leaders, and FindBiometrics President Peter O’Neill caught up with him to discuss how verified identity services fit into the healthcare ID market.

The interview begins with Ahrens giving some background on Veratad, and the company’s work in eCommerce and online education sectors. Healthcare, according to Ahrens, is the most interesting vertical despite its seemingly low adoption rate. The conversation reflects on the highlights of Veratad’s 2018, and concludes with talk of what’s next for the company, including the potential of blockchain and 2FA technologies.

Listen to the full interview with John E. Ahrens, CEO, Veratad:

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February 13, 2019 – by Peter B. Counter