Atos Announces New Cybersecurity Plan for Healthcare Providers

Atos Announces New Cybersecurity Plan for Healthcare Providers

Atos has announced the launch of a new cybersecurity suite aimed exclusively at the healthcare industry. Medical providers partnering with Atos will receive managed security services, cloud security, and biometric identity authentication and management, as well as security consulting services for those looking to update their facilities.

“Our globally recognized cybersecurity solutions help ensure patients’ data is kept confidential,” said Atos North America Senior VP Rick Stevens. “Our end-to-end healthcare cybersecurity portfolio is a comprehensive solution that helps healthcare leaders properly align security with their clinical, financial and business objectives.”

Atos already works with nearly 300 healthcare organizations in the US, and is pitching its portfolio as a solution to rampant security issues in the healthcare sector. According to the company, the vast majority (80 percent) of US hospitals do not have the personnel needed to handle a cybersecurity threat, which places patients at risk and makes medical services less efficient. It also makes data and cloud security particularly important as healthcare devices begin collecting and storing patient data for machine learning analysis.   

Atos will be showcasing all of its security offerings – and participating in a panel discussion – at this week’s HIMSS 2019 conference in Orlando.

February 12, 2019 – by Eric Weiss