VSBLTY and Energetika Deploy First Surveillance Kits in Mexico City

Biometrics News - VSBLTY and Energetika Deploy First Surveillance Kits in Mexico City

VSBLTY and Energetika have moved on to the deployment phase of their smart city partnership in Mexico City. The two companies first joined forces back in June, working together to develop a surveillance solution that pairs Energetika’s smart lighting tech with VSBLTY’s crowd analytics and facial recognition platform.

The resulting security kits contain wireless alarms, motion sensor cameras, and panic buttons in addition to LED façade light fixtures and HD security cameras outfitted with VSBLTY tech. According to Energetika CEO Rodrigo Calderon, the system will leverage local internet connections to allow residents to access the system on their mobile devices.  

The solution will eventually be installed at 40,000 locations in 56 communities throughout Mexico City in an effort to make the city safer. However, the first phase of the deployment will focus on the boroughs of Miguel Hidalgo, Cuajimalpa, Benito Juarez, and Cuauhtemoc.

The contract itself is worth $10 million, with Calderon indicating that VSBLTY and Energetika are already sending the kits to other parts of Latin America in an effort to build on the success of the program in Mexico City.

“We have introduced this program to other Central and South American municipalities whose needs are equally compelling and where this cost-efficient solution can be installed in three million security cameras or more,” said Calderon.

“This program is setting the standard for collaborative security where citizens, law enforcement and technology will work together,” added VSBLTY CEO Jay Hutton. “Future deployments will provide next generation public safety applications including tracking of persons of interest, weapon detection, as well as vehicle and crowd analytics.”

VSBLTY recently formed a reseller agreement with Sensormatic Solutions, integrating the VSBLTY Vector solution into Sensormatic’s retail platform. Vector was previously available as part of MGI’s turnkey security portfolio.

VSBLTY also hired a new Chief Experience Officer and a new Senior Client Services Director for Retail back in August.

November 15, 2019 – by Eric Weiss