VSBLTY and Energetika Team Up for Smart City Surveillance and Analytics

VSBLTY and Energetika Team Up for Smart City Surveillance and Analytics

VSBLTY is teaming up with Energetika to deliver smart city surveillance tech to Mexico City and other cities in Latin America. The joint solution will blend VSBLTY’s facial recognition and analytic services with Energetika’s “intelligent lighting” capabilities.

In plain terms, that means that VSBLTY’s surveillance tech will be deployed alongside security lighting and digital signage from Energetika. Once installed, the VSBLTY Vector facial recognition platform will be able to identify suspicious individuals and people with weapons. The company’s VisionCaptor and DataCaptor platforms will also be able to monitor and analyze crowd behavior in real time, giving operators a better understanding of how civilians navigate various public spaces, including retail venues.

“Mexico City and other Latin American cities will be able to gather 10 times more data for security purposes while reducing costs, maximizing energy efficiency and generating accurate statistics of facility occupation,” said Energetika co-founder and CEO Rodrigo Calderon.

“Mexico City is taking a leadership role in ‘Smart City’ development that other urban areas might well emulate.”

VSBLTY was recently added to the Mueller Group International (MGI) portfolio, highlighting Vector’s utility as a perimeter access solution. The company will face considerable competition as it looks to expand in the smart city space, with key players like NVIDIA and NEC having made it a major area of focus in the past few years.     

June 26, 2019 – by Eric Weiss