MGI Adds VSBLTY’s Biometric Perimeter Access Platform to its Portfolio

MGI Adds VSBLTY's Perimeter Access Platform to its Portfolio

Muller Group International (MGI) has added VSBLTY technology to its turnkey security solutions portfolio. VSBLTY is the provider of VSBLTY Vector, a perimeter access solution that uses facial recognition and weapon detection to identify potentially dangerous individuals.

“Heightened security is needed virtually everywhere,” said VSBLTY Co-Founder and CEO Jay Hutton. “In most instances, our face-on cameras provide better facial recognition than overhead CCTV cameras to enable faster, professional security responses to threats.”

VSBLTY’s computer vision technology can be used on its own, and can also be integrated into any form of digital signage. The new partnership represents an expansion of its pre-existing relationship with MGI after the two companies joined forces to provide security for an unnamed Fortune 50 company at CES.

MGI is pitching VSBLTY as an ideal perimeter access solution for institutions of all shapes and sizes, including corporations, schools, and sports and entertainment venues. Founder Jeffrey S. Muller is a former FBI Supervisory Special Agent, and emphasized that the traditional, physical approach of “guards, gates and guns” is no longer sufficient against modern security threats.

Companies like IDEMIA and CLEAR have already made considerable strides in the smart stadium space. Platforms like VSBLTY Vector will only become more popular as venue operators search for safe and convenient biometric options.

April 5, 2019 – by Eric Weiss