Smart Lighting, Biometric Surveillance Specialists Team Up to Deliver Security Solution in Mexico City

Biometrics News: Smart Lighting, Biometric Surveillance Specialists Team Up to Deliver Security Solution in Mexico City

After an initial trial phase, Philadelphia-based VSBLTY and Mexico City’s Energetika have announced a formal agreement concerning the joint deployment of their smart city solutions. Essentially, the collaboration will see Energetika’s energy-efficient lighting technology combined with VSBLTY’s crowd analytics and facial recognition technology in urban public security deployments.

The companies’ contract will run to August 30th, 2022, with the option for renewal. Over the next three years, VSBLTY expects the deal to bring in $10 million in Software-as-a-Service revenues.

The news follows the companies’ announcement earlier this summer that they would collaborate on a joint solution. They have now concluded what Energetika CEO Rodrigo Calderon described as “a lengthy testing phase,” and are preparing for deployments in Mexico City’s Cuajimalpa and Cuauhtmoc boroughs, with more deployments to follow later.

In a statement announcing the deployments, Calderon framed the collaboration as an enhancement of Energetika’s primary effort in intelligent lighting solutions. “Our goal has always been smart energy deployment,” he said. “Now these efforts have been enhanced by the combination of our power efficient lighting systems and VSBLTY’s state-of-the-art software technologies.”

VSBLTY CEO Jay Hutton, meanwhile, was more explicit concerning the sophisticated security measures the deployments would entail. “We will be providing advanced analytics as well as public safety applications including tracking of persons of interest, weapon detection, and vehicle and crowd analytics using the power of machine learning and computer vision,” he said, adding later that his firm has worked with Energetika to develop “a public safety network of cameras” that will facilitate this kind of automated surveillance.

September 11, 2019 – by Alex Perala

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