[AUDIO INTERVIEW] ISC West 2018: Iris ID VP Mohammed Murad on the Growing Recognition of Iris Authentication

[AUDIO INTERVIEW] Iris ID VP Mohammed Murad on the Growing Recognition of Iris AuthenticationWith biometric authentication now widely familiar thanks to the mainstreaming of fingerprint recognition across a range of smartphones, the advantages of even more convenient contactless technologies are starting to come into focus as new flagship smartphones let users unlock their phones just by looking at them. And that’s good news for iris recognition specialist Iris ID, especially as the company seeks to expand the range of its technology’s applications beyond the access and border control areas in which it has specialized.

Speaking with FindBiometrics President Peter O’Neill from the show floor of this year’s ISC West, Iris ID VP Mohammed Murad delves into those efforts and the growing interest in iris biometrics that is fueling them, starting with the big news that the company’s iCAM M300 solution has just been named the “Best Mobile App” in the SIA New Product Showcase. Murad also discusses new offerings in the pipeline that Iris ID is showcasing from its “Innovation Desk” at ISC West, including an iris authentication solution for Microsoft Surface and enterprise workstations, and the firm’s growing business in the area of time and attendance tracking.

Listen to our full interview with Mohammed Murad, VP, Iris ID:

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