American Green Gets Canadian Partner For Verified Pot Vending

Canada’s Green Rush presents a new frontier and thanks to the neighbours to the south, with pot vending machines that employ vascular biometric technology on the horizon.

American Green Gets Canadian Partner For Verified VendingWith the impending legalization of marijuana Canada, American Green Inc. recently announced an agreement has been signed with Dispension Industries Incorporated to be its exclusive Canadian distributor. American Green is set to debut their branded Verified Identity Dispenser, a machine used in the past to safely and securely manage regulated products like pharmaceuticals and pot.

The Verified Identity Dispensers are part of an initiative by the country to ensure the safe and secure distribution of legalized weed, and these machines will be activated by vascular biometric technology. Finger vein authentication is extremely secure measure, since vascular patterns are under the skin and therefor cannot be replicated by potential spoofers. Users will be asked to come in and register their finger vein biometrics to have access to these machines.

The potential partnerships between biometric technology and the legalized marijuana industry are multifaceted, and this is just one potential application.

“Making a decision to award a nationwide distributorship is not something to take lightly of course”, said American Green’s Director of Automated Machine Production, Lindel Creed. “With three decades in the industry I have seen successes and failures, very often dictated by the type of distribution partners you have. After several months of discussions and working with Corey and his team at Dispension Industries, I’m sure we have the right partner for Canada”.

Although there’s been no specific date announced, the first machines are slated to arrive in Canada with viewing and demonstration to the public, private sector, and key stakeholders beginning in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

January 15, 2018 – Susan Stover