EnterTech Locks Down Medical Marijuana With Biometrics

Aphira Biometrics

Biomertic access control has been deployed throughout Aphira’s medical marijuana facility. (image via EnterTech Systems)

Today, EnterTech Systems announced that it has deployed biometric access control technology at licensed medical marijuana supplier Aphira, located in Leamington, Ontario. The system was installed by Security ONE Alarm Systems and is comprised of Suprema biometric devices, as EnterTech is the official operating partner of the South Korean biometrics vendor in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland and Puerto Rico.

The Suprema biometrics supplied by EnterTech are protecting a 45,000 square foot facility, which includes three state of the art computer automated greenhouses. Additionally, Aphira’s new security system is protecting 22,000 square feet of production space which the company plans to expand over the next two years.

It probably doesn’t need to be said that the marijuana grown in the Canadian facility needs protecting, and biometrics are particularly well suited for Aphira’s needs. Unlike keys or traditional contactless cards, biometrics can’t be lost, stolen or forgotten. Additionally, an element of accountability is brought to the table with biometrics, as users can’t trade their fingerprints either.

The biometric access control solution has been specifically tailored to the facility’s layout, with different security levels protecting every door.

Aphira co-founder and CAO, John Cervini, says, “The Suprema biometric readers installed by Security ONE are really easy and quick to use. The system and its functionality are strong and quite nice to work with. Having controlled access to all areas of our facility has improved daily management and helped address Health Canada regulations for security.”

Rob Douglas, CEO of EnterTech Systems, adds, “At EnterTech systems, our goal is to help systems integrators like Security ONE provide end users with biometric access control solutions that address market or regulatory requirements while providing secure operational ease and better access management oversight. We are pleased to have helped Aphria secure their sprawling facility with a biometric solution that ensures only a person’s true identity can be used for access.”

EnterTech Systems has shown a dedication to breaking down adoption barriers in biometric physical access control. Recently the company launched the latest version of its BioConnect platform in the United Kingdom and North America – a solution which significantly improves administrative efficiency and ease of deployment in biometric access control.

March 11, 2015 – by Peter B. Counter