OPALi Camera Module Will Bring Iris ID Biometrics Wherever OEMs See Fit

Iris ID has announced OPALi (pronounced “opal-eye”), a new iris recognition camera module that captures both its subjects eyes simultaneously at a distance of up to 36 centimeters. OPALi is being introduced at Mobile World Congress Americas in San Francisco this week, integrated into two lightweight handheld devices the company is demonstrating at the event.OPALi Camera Module Will Bring Iris ID Biometrics Wherever OEMs See Fit

The RP1000 PDA and RP70 rugged tablet are multimodal handhelds intended for use in border control, customs and law enforcement applications. Each device features finger and face recognition capabilities in addition to its OPALi-enabled iris biometrics.

According to Mohammed Murad, Iris ID’s vice president of global sales and business development, “The need for biometric enrollment and identification can’t always take place in a controlled environment. Our rugged dust- and water-resistant devices are flexible and convenient, allowing agents and officers to capture biometric data whenever and wherever their jobs take them.”

But while the multimodal  handhelds are useful for large scale deployments such as voter registration, national ID, customs and border control, the bigger picture for Iris ID is the OPALi module itself. Beyond the tablet and PDA demonstrated at MWC Americas, the OPALi module units will be available to Iris ID’s OEM partners this December. The modules will be available with MIPI and USB interfaces.

“We have gone in and built OPALi as a module from the ground up,” Murad told FindBiometrics. “OPALi will allow any of our OEM partners to take our module and build a product around it as they see fit for their customer base.”

Expanding on the demand for OPALi, Murad referenced many large organizations who have dual factor authentication, like face and fingerprint biometrics. “There is a demand being created and generated in the market that says, ‘I would also like to incorporate iris as a third modality,’” he said.

As a contactless modality, iris is well suited for the mobile and desktop applications OPALi is aimed at serving.