ISC West: Suprema’s US Sales Director Hints at ‘Very Big Plans’

ISC West: Suprema's US Sales Director Hints at 'Very Big Plans'
Bob Carrino, Regional Sales Director for the United States, Suprema (left) and Susan Stover, Director of Digital Content, FindBiometrics, at ISC West 2019.

FindBiometrics is reporting live from ISC West in Las Vegas this week, bringing you biometrics news and interviews straight from the biggest converged security trade show in the Americas. Today is the final day of the ISC West exhibition, and FindBiometrics was fortunate to catch up with biometrics specialist Suprema on the show floor.

In this exclusive audio interview with FindBiometrics Director of Digital Content Susan Stover, Suprema’s Regional Sales Director for the United States, Bob Carrino, talked about the access control specialist’s latest facial recognition solution, punning: “It’s a unit that we think will open a lot of doors for us.” Carrino also talked about Suprema’s “learning year” as it has worked to build its sales team and a new warehouse in Texas, hinting that the company has some major developments in the pipeline.

“All I can tell you is we have very big plans for Suprema,” he said.

Listen to the full FindBiometrics interview with Suprema’s Bob Carrino below:

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