ISC West: RealNetworks’ Mike Vance on the Rise of SAFR Security [AUDIO]

Mike Vance, Senior Director of Product Management, RealNetworks and Susan Stover, Director of Digital Content, FindBiometrics are identified by the SAFR platform at ISC West.

FindBiometrics is reporting live from ISC West in Las Vegas this week, bringing you biometrics news and interviews straight from the biggest converged security trade show in the Americas. Today is the final day of the ISC West exhibition, and among the companies FindBiometrics caught up with on the show floor is RealNetworks, a major new player in biometric security surveillance.

In this exclusive audio interview with FindBiometrics Director of Digital Content Susan Stover, RealNetworks’ Senior Director of Product Management, Mike Vance, talked about his firm’s upgraded SAFR solution, which uses highly accurate facial recognition to automate the scanning of security video feeds. The system has expanded dramatically since its launch less than a year ago, and Vance attests that it has been “a great ‘almost-year'” for RealNetworks, emphasizing the role of partnerships with VMS providers and other companies in helping to fuel growth. And there are more partnerships – and further growth – in the pipeline, he says.

Listen to the full FindBiometrics interview with RealNetworks’ Mike Vance below:

RealNetworks is exhibiting from booth 27099 at ISC West, which concludes in Las Vegas today.

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