Suprema Fingerprint Readers Integrated Into AMAG Access Control Platform

Suprema Fingerprint Readers Integrated Into AMAG Access Control Platform

Suprema‘s BioLite N2 and BioEntry P2 biometric readers have now been integrated into AMAG Technology’s Symmetry Access Control platform.

The biometric readers are designed primarily to support fingerprint recognition, but can also be configured to require PINs and ID cards in for particularly sensitive access control situations. Alternatively, lower-security deployments can rely on PIN- and card-based entry alone.

Commenting on the integration in a statement, AMAG Technology Products and Partner Programs VP Jason Schimpf lauded Suprema’s biometric technology and highlighted the longstanding business relationship with the company. “The Symmetry Access Control integration with Suprema’s biometric readers provides a powerful, yet flexible security option for our customers who demand multi-factor authentication security for highly secure areas such as data centers,” he said. “We are pleased to continue our long and successful relationship with Suprema and are excited to provide our customers with a reliable biometric option for their security needs.”

AMAG Technology has increasingly looked to biometric technology to enhance its Symmetry Access Control platform in keeping with a broader trend in the access control industry, with EyeLock and Iris ID both having seen their eye-based authentication technologies integrated in recent years. The software platform is now in version 9.1, and supports greater biometric options than ever before thanks to the Suprema partnership.

March 12, 2019 – by Alex Perala