ISC West: Ipsidy’s Philip Beck Talks Face-Based Onboarding and Access Control [Audio]

ISC West: Ipsidy's Philip Beck Talks Face-Based Onboarding and Access Control
FindBiometrics Director of Digital Content Susan Stover and Philip Beck, CEO, Ipsidy, at ISC West 2019.

One of the security industry’s biggest events has just wrapped up, and FindBiometrics is still unpacking ISC West’s plethora of biometrics news and interviews. Before the end of the show, FindBiometrics Director of Digital Content Susan Stover was lucky enough to get the opportunity to speak with Ipsidy CEO Philip Beck.

Ipsidy is an important specialist in the increasingly popular field of selfie-based authentication technology, enabling end users of its technology to authenticate using facial recognition. At ISC West, the company’s big news was its partnership with RemoteLock, enabling organizations that use the latter’s cloud-based door lock system to let their employees gain access by taking a selfie. But in his conversation with Stover, Beck was also keen to highlight Ipsidy’s partnership with Ayonix, first announced last November, and Ipsidy’s capability of enabling this kind of facial recognition-based enterprise security even if end users’ don’t want to rely on their smartphones to gain access.

Beck also touched on the importance of Ipsidy’s onboarding process and the company’s ongoing efforts to expand its partner network.

Listen to the full FindBiometrics interview with Ipsidy CEO Philip Beck below:

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