ZKTeco’s Russian Division Goes to Moldova

ZKTeco's Russian Division Goes to Moldova

ZKTeco has continued its push eastward in its promotional tour, with the company’s Russian division having recently held a seminar in Moldova.

In a statement recapping its seminar, ZKTeco reported that the event attracted numerous guests, many of whom were already ZKTeco clients who were interested in exploring additional offerings from the company. ZKTeco also indicated that its access control solutions were the subject of particular interest, with such technologies having been popularized in Moldova thanks to “the development of the commercial sphere, as more and more office buildings, banks, stores and private buildings are equipped with readers, controllers and standalone devices.”

For its part, ZKTeco says its Russian branch agents highlighted its “visible light systems, turnstiles and newest inspection models.”

The event was held shortly after another seminar hosted by ZKTeco in collaboration with Alpro in St. Petersburg, Russia – itself part of a larger promotional tour, of sorts, with ZKTeco representatives having showcased their solutions at numerous trade shows and custom seminars, most recently in Brazil and Cairo. While the company offers a wide range of solutions beyond biometric access control, the ongoing increase in popularity for such technologies is likely an important factor in the interest and enthusiasm ZKTeco has seen in these events.

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