ZKTeco Celebrates Third Philippines Seminar

ZKTeco Celebrates Third Philippines Seminar

ZKTeco has held its third seminar in the Philippines, further entrenching the company’s presence in the region.

With previous events having been held in Luzon and the Mindanao Islands, ZKTeco’s latest was a seminar on Visayas Island in Cebu Province. Celebrating the event’s success in a post on its website, the company explained that “[p]eople in Cebu Province barely know what ZKTeco can offer aside from Time Attendance and Access Control Management Solutions,” making the area a rich new vein in the regional market.

On that note, ZKTeco says that about 50 companies attended the event – all first-time participants in a ZKTeco seminar – with some coming from as far as Australia.

For its part, ZKTeco showcased a range of solutions, primarily revolving around access control – not only its ZKBio line of biometric systems, but other solutions as well including turnstiles, road blockers, glass door locks, and more. Other solutions showcased at the event included metal detectors and time and attendance tracking devices.

The event, held at the Bay Front Hotel in Cebu City, was just the latest in a wide-ranging series of seminars organized by ZKTeco that, together with attendance at major conferences and trade shows, are helping to build the company’s profile across a number of markets.