ZKTeco Brings Security Solutions to Russian Audience

ZKTeco Brings Security Solutions to Russian AudienceZKTeco has hosted another seminar aimed at promoting its biometric and computer vision security solutions to new audiences, this time in Russia. At an event in St. Petersburg, the company showcased its solutions in partnership with Alpro, a security solutions provider based in the city that claims a network of over 1000 regional partners across Russia.

In a statement outlining the seminar, ZKTeco asserted that attendees seemed to mainly be interested in what the company calls its “inspection machines”, including x-ray scanners, metal detectors, a car undercarriage examination system, and video surveillance technology. As a result, ZKTeco has concluded that it will “rely on Alpro to push x-ray and car inspection more effectively in this region and the rest of Russia.”

The Russia seminar represents an expansion in ZKTeco’s promotional strategy, which has revolved around participation in major security industry events and the organization of lower-scale informational sessions and seminars targeted at more specific regional audiences. For much of this year, ZKTeco has been participating in these kinds of events at various locations across the APAC region; its St. Petersburg seminar may therefore signal an extension of this strategy to new areas.

It also reflects the advantages of ZKTeco’s wide-ranging product portfolio. While many of this year’s events have focused primarily on biometric access control solution, ZKTeco’s “inspection machines” have clearly stolen the spotlight in Russia, at least so far.