UPDATED: Stay Up to Date on Our 17th Annual Biometrics Year in Review Coverage with Our Ongoing Roundup

Stay Up to Date on Our 17th Annual Biometrics Year in Review Coverage with Our Ongoing Roundup

In many industries, openness and dialogue between constituent businesses, even if they’re rivals, is often a critical condition for fostering overall industry growth. Knowing not only what competitors and peers are doing, but also what they’re thinking, can help industry leaders to set their objectives and adapt to market and regulatory changes. That may be especially the case in the world of biometrics, where the dynamics of consumer perception and market demand can shift rapidly, while major regulatory frameworks are still emerging.

That’s why the annual FindBiometrics Year in Review survey is so important. Each year, it features the participation of industry professionals and analysts, who share their views on some of the most critical issues facing the industry; what this produces is, in the end, a comprehensive self-portrait, helping participants to better understand and situate themselves in a very complex industry. The survey tends to reaffirm popular beliefs, such as the excitement around facial recognition and financial services applications in recent years; and it can also deliver some genuine surprises, such as the third of respondents in last year’s survey who said they felt uncomfortable with how their governments were using biometric technology.

This year’s results, collected from a record 230+ participants, are no less interesting, and should prove helpful to industry leaders as they consider their strategies going forward into 2020.

Check out the Year in Review results and analysis as it is published:

Year in Review: FinServ Consolidates Its Hold and Citizen ID Makes a Bold Debut in Top Applications

Year in Review: A Status Quo Surprise for the Most Exciting Biometric Modalities

Year in Review: When Do We Think Biometrics Will Replace the Password?

And be sure to hear what the industry leaders have to say about the past year – and the decade – on the special Year in Review episodes of the ID Talk Podcast:

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Check back regularly to stay up to date on the 17th Annual FindBiometrics Year in Review.


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