ID Talk Podcast: Aware’s Year in Review and the Road to Automotive Biometrics

It’s the dawn of 2020, and FindBiometrics is celebrating our 17th annual Year in Review. Throughout January, on ID Talk we will be interviewing biometrics and identity industry leaders about the major milestones, not just of the year, but also the previous decade.

In this latest episode of ID Talk, we welcome back David Benini, Vice President of Marketing and Product at Aware. This time, FindBiometrics Vice President of Digital Content Susan Stover sat down with David to talk about biometric applications in the burgeoning smart automotive space, and the decade as a whole.

In December, Aware released a white paper detailing the massive potential for biometrics in the automotive space, so this episode begins with discussion of the most exciting commercial applications of strong authentication in connected cars, and the special considerations around deploying biometrics in vehicles. The conversation turns to the decade in biometrics, and Benini lends his company’s historied expertise on the topic to talk about the biggest milestones of the 2010s.

Their conversation concludes with a look ahead for Aware as we enter the next decade.


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