ID Talk Podcast: BioConnect’s Year in Review, Unifying Physical and Digital Identity

It’s the dawn of 2020, and FindBiometrics is celebrating our 17th annual Year in Review. Throughout January on ID Talk we are interviewing biometrics and identity industry leaders about the major milestones not just of the year, but also the previous decade.

That’s why in this latest episode we are excited to present an interview with a longtime leader in the biometrics and converged identity space: BioConnect – a provider of an enterprise biometric authentication and security platform that establishes stronger trust in verifying a person’s identity across physical, IoT and digital applications, protecting people, data and IP.

For this episode of ID Talk, FindBiometrics Vice President of Digital Content Susan Stover sat down with BioConnect Chairman, CEO and Founder Rob Douglas, and the company’s CTO and CISO Courtney Gibson, to talk about the state of authentication and security as we enter a new decade of identity.

The discussion begins on the topic of major 2019 milestones for BioConnect, and the company’s pioneering successes in unifying the digital and physical person. The three delve into BioConnect’s unique ability to provide unified identity without the need for ripping and replacing older access systems, and they go on to discuss how the company fits in to the contemporary identity landscape as regulations come to what many once called “The Wild West.”

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