ID Talk Podcast: SecuGen’s Year in Review and Optical Fingerprint Biometrics Innovation

ID Talk Podcast: SecuGen's Year in Review and Optical Fingerprint Biometrics Innovation

FindBiometrics is in the midst of celebrating its 17th annual Year in Review. That’s why, throughout January on ID Talk, we will be interviewing biometrics and identity industry leaders about the major milestones not just of the year, but also the previous decade.

On this latest episode of ID Talk, we welcome Jeff Brown, Vice President of Sales for SecuGen, a specialist and pioneer in optical fingerprint biometrics technology.

Brown speaks to FindBiometrics Editor in Chief Peter Counter about how SecuGen has evolved over the past ten years, and the two go on to talk about the maturing of biometrics in general and major industry milestones that helped bring us to today.

They discuss the fingerprint market in particular and how it changed in the wake of Apple’s historic Touch ID launch, before specifically delving into SecuGen’s 2019, which saw the company launch its first fully programmable bluetooth fingerprint reader and the world’s smallest programmable fingerprint module.

The episode concludes with a preview of what’s next for SecuGen as we enter a new year.

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