Voice Recognition Helps Google Assistant Protect Your Smart Home

“…a key security component of all of this is voice recognition.”

Google is highlighting the home security solutions enabled by its virtual assistant and third party hardware in a new blog post.Voice Recognition Enables Smart Home Security Via Google Assistant

Authored by Google Smart Home Ecosystem Director Michele Turner, the post highlights several new and recent offerings. Arlo Security Lights, for example, can send users alerts via the Google Assistant when motion is detected; and users can check a Nest Cam security camera feed just by asking the Google Assistant.

The Google Assistant can also be used to remotely lock and unlock Nest x Yale Locks, and this kind of functionality can be built into a larger Google Assistant routine, such as locking the front door when the user says, “Hey Google, goodnight.” Other smart locks including the August Smart Lock, the Candy House Sesame Lock, and the Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt can also be voice-controlled via the Google Assistant, the post notes.

Of course, a key security component of all of this is voice recognition. As a user of these kinds of smart home security systems, you wouldn’t want them to be controlled by just anyone; the Google Assistant’s ability to recognize the voice of a given user is thus critical. And with voice recognition having reached this level of sophistication – and the state of the art continuing to advance – we’re now starting to see the proliferation of these kinds of voice-controlled smart security solutions, with many more to come.

Source: The Keyword

(Originally posted on Mobile ID World)