Voice Control System for TVs Now Processing 1B Transactions Per Month: Nuance

Nuance Communications says its voice control system for smart TVs is now seeing about a billion transactions a month.Voice Control System for TVs Now Processing 1B Transactions Per Month: Nuance

The solution, Dragon TV, essentially brings the functionality of a voice-controlled virtual assistant like Alexa to the television, allowing users to search for shows and perform other actions through voice queries. Nuance has established itself as a pioneer of this kind of technology in the automotive industry through its Dragon Drive platform, and is evidently now staking a claim in the smart TV industry, with service providers including Liberty Global and Orange France supporting Dragon TV.

In a statement announcing that Dragon TV had attained the watermark of a billion monthly transactions, Nuance TV and V2T general manager Adam Thibault said it represents “an important milestone as we measure the impact voice-powered interaction has on users’ engagement with connected devices in the home.” He also framed it in the context of a larger trend, explaining, “As technology evolves, voice will only take a more prominent place in how we interact.”

Indeed, over the last couple of years voice interaction has become an increasingly prominent user interface in the area of smartphones, and as consumers have gotten accustomed to it, they’ve also come to expect it in other connected devices such as smart home speakers. And as televisions get smarter and more connected, voice interaction could very well replace the remote control. That’s good news for consumers. You can’t lose your voice under a couch cushion.

September 13, 2018 – by Alex Perala