Unisys Unveils New Biometric Identity Management Platform

Unisys Unveils New Biometric Identity Management Platform

Unisys is expanding its security offerings with the launch of Stealth(identity), a new biometric identity management software platform geared towards enterprise clients. Stealth(identity) will allow companies to automate the biometric enrollment process for large numbers of users, thereby reducing overhead costs while improving the overall customer experience. 

The platform offers support for fingerprint, face, voice, and iris recognition, as well as behavioral biometrics; and it also includes an app to ensure that any solutions will be compatible with smartphones. That means that companies will be able to use Stealth(identity) to customize their authentication workflows across all physical and digital channels, regardless of their preferred form of biometric verification.

“Identity authentication is an essential component of a Zero Trust security approach,” said Unisys CTO Vishal Gupta. “Stealth(identity) helps clients address the growing problem of identity fraud by establishing accurate, unique, verified and irrefutable identities.”

In recent months, Unisys executives have argued that the world will need to make fundamental changes in order to safeguard individual privacy and make sure that digital technology will continue to be beneficial for future generations. The company’s new platform can therefore be seen as an effort to improve digital trust with a solution that is convenient and secure for corporations and individuals alike.

Additionally, Unisys says Stealth(Identity) is designed to incorporate other forms of biometric recognition that may emerge in the future, with plug-and-play capabilities that will recognize biometric sensors from any device manufacturer.

March 6, 2019 – by Eric Weiss