Serve Brings Fingerprint Recognition to its Logistics Platform

Serve Brings Fingerprint Recognition to its Logistics Platform

Serve has added fingerprint recognition capabilities to its blockchain-based logistics platform. The new tech will allow users to confirm deliveries with a fingerprint scan, thereby increasing security and creating biometric receipts at every stage of the shipping process.

“Being involved in the logistics space for over 20 years, the current faults in last-mile logistics have become increasingly apparent,” said Serve CEO Shahan Ohanessian. “With the integration of fingerprint recognition technology, Serve increases the security of order fulfillment while also increasing positive business-to-consumer relationships.”

The news comes shortly after Serve announced the similar application of facial recognition technology. Together, the two forms of biometric authentication will make it easy to establish a chain of possession, making Serve an ideal solution for large and small organizations that need to guarantee the delivery of sensitive goods like pharmaceuticals.

Fingerprint authentication has been adopted in a number of different industries as more companies have embraced the convenience and security benefits of the tech. Serve’s latest announcement indicates that shipping companies are looking to update their practices to reap the same benefits as providers of access control, payment cards, and mobile technology.

April 18, 2019 – by Eric Weiss