HID Global Releases New Biometric Fingerprint Reader to Guard the Front Door

HID Global Releases New Fingerprint Reader to Guard the Front Door

HID Global has launched a new access control solution for organizations that need to be able to verify people’s identities at the door. The iCLASS SE RB25F fingerprint reader captures high-quality surface and sub-surface images in less than a second, and is able to reliably authenticate people of any age in a range of adverse conditions.

According to HID Global, the new reader offers an improvement over existing fingerprint access control platforms, which often failed to recognize people with legitimate credentials and created long lines at building entrances. It also features multispectral technology from Lumidigm, the award-winning developer that was acquired by HID Global in 2014 and recently achieved a perfect score in a round of iBeta’s anti-spoofing PAD testing.

“The highly reliable multispectral technology and the reader’s robust construction enables customers to deploy fingerprint authentication across a wide range of real-life environments,” said HID Global VP Stephen Carney. “The reader is also field-configurable over a network, and is designed to ease migration from traditional and existing fingerprint reader solutions.”

The iCLASS SE RB25F can be configured with the HID Biometric Manager, a software platform that comes with the reader and makes it easier to enroll users on-site, and creates a record of the comings and goings at every door where the reader has been installed. It is compatible with all major industry-standard high frequency credential technologies and supports the Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP) for added communications functionality.

April 11, 2019 – by Eric Weiss