Serve Guarantees Delivery with Biometric Receipts

Serve Guarantees Delivery with Biometric Receipts

Serve users will now be able to verify their deliveries with biometric receipts. The company has officially added its facial recognition tech to its blockchain-based logistics platform, allowing customers to request a facial recognition scan at every stage of the shipping journey.     

The scans will help boost security, reliability, and accountability for important deliveries. Specifically, facial recognition will allow users to establish a chain of custody and guarantee their delivery makes it to the intended recipient, which is particularly crucial in time-sensitive industries like healthcare.  

“This combination of technology and forward-thinking will allow delivery providers across the world to secure sensitive products such as pharmaceuticals in ways previously unavailable to them,” said Serve CEO Shahan Ohanessian. “Our blockchain-based on-demand technology can increase transparency and decentralize last-mile logistics for users across the globe.”

This is not the first time a company has combined blockchain and facial recognition tech for stronger identity verification. Acuant and iTrue have used it for stronger identity verification in banking and app development, respectively. Yoti has also spoken to the advantages of the two technologies. The latest announcement only shows that facial recognition is becoming a more feasible solution for companies like Serve as the technology becomes more common.

April 8, 2019 – by Eric Weiss