News Roundup: A Week for Behavioral Biometrics, Fingerprints & Anti-Spoofing

Last week at FindBiometrics Behavioral Biometrics Month continued as we examined the anti-malware applications of the burgeoning modality. Fingerprints and facial recognition made up the bulk of the industry news, while the headlines were rounded out with stories about national ID, border control, and anti-spoofing innovation.

Here is a look back on last week’s top stories in global identity management.

Behavioral Biometrics

News Roundup: A Week for Behavioral Biometrics and FingerprintsBehavioral Biometrics Month continued last week as we took a look at how the modality can be used to combat Remote Access Trojan malware infections, otherwise known as RAT attacks. April’s featured modality made news headlines too, with the announcement that BioCatch behavioral platform will be used by Experian for security purposes, and NuData Security was nominated for a European SC Excellence Award.

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Behavioral Biometrics Month: A Better RAT Trap

NuData Nominated for European SC Excellence Award

Experian to Leverage BioCatch Behavioral Biometrics in Anti-Fraud Platform

WEBINAR: Continuous Identity: Why Behavioral Biometrics Are Going Mainstream


News Roundup: A Week for Behavioral Biometrics and Fingerprints

The future of fingerprint biometrics was on the table for discussion last week, as we examined how the modality is expected to evolve now that it is practically ubiquitous on smartphones. Furthermore, CrucialTec was awarded with a patent for transparent fingerprint sensor technology, and researchers uncovered evidence supporting the disruptive ‘MasterPrint’ theory. As usual, mobile device integrations were part of the fingerprint conversation too, with FPC’s sensor featured on a phone from Indian OEM Micromax and Precise Biometrics software making it onto a Chinese handset via a Silead sensor deployment. All of that and more kept fingerprints at the top of the news all last week. Check it out:

Smartphone Fingerprint Sensors Are Everywhere – So What’s Next?

CrucialTec Wins Transparent Fingerprint Sensor Patent

Precise Biometrics Tech Integrated into Chinese Phone via Silead Sensors

FPC Sensor Featured on New Micromax Smartphone

Annual Report Shows Precise Biometrics on the Rise

Researchers Test ‘MasterPrint’ Hypothesis

Access and Time

News Roundup: A Week for Behavioral Biometrics and FingerprintsLast week we looked back on our ISC West 2017 coverage, which featured image galleries and audio interviews with leaders in biometric access control. Meanwhile, we reported on a new deployment of Bodet’s biometric workforce management system, which is set to bring efficiency, assurance, and security to Battersea Place—a luxury retirement home in London.

Look and Listen: Check Out Our ISC West 2017 Highlights

Luxury Retirement Community Gets Bodet Biometrics

Airport Biometrics

News Roundup: A Week for Behavioral Biometrics and FingerprintsImageWare Systems announced that its multimodal biometrics platform is going to be deployed in Alaskan airports in order to authenticate employees. It is a notable deployment of airport biometrics, as the area of application is most frequently associated with border control, as was the case with the announcement that British Airways has enabled biometric kiosks for its passengers at Heathrow Airport.

ImageWare Tech to Authenticate Employees at Alaskan Airports

Biometric Screening Arrives at Heathrow Airport

Facial Recognition

News Roundup: A Week for Behavioral Biometrics and FingerprintsFacial recognition was in motion last week. Middle Eastern ride hailing service Careem added the modality to its app in order to authenticate its drivers on duty. Meanwhile, in China, organizers of a Beijing marathon employed face biometrics to crack down potential cheating in a high profile footrace.

Biometrics to Bust Runner Ringers in Beijing Half Marathon

MENA Ride-Hailing Service Licenses Facial Recognition Tech for Driver Authentication

Global e-ID

News Roundup: A Week for Behavioral Biometrics and Fingerprints

The Indian Tax Agency announced last week that bank accounts opened after a certain date must be linked to associated customers’ Aadhaar numbers. Stateside, MorphoTrust’s biometric e-ID solution is being tested out in Alabama to help facilitate tax returns. Elsewhere, on a national scale, Safran Identity & Security was selected to consolidated all of Oman’s disparate biometric ID databases, and on an international scale, the UNHCR championed the use of biometrics to address the ongoing global refugee crisis.

Indian Tax Agency Says Certain Bank Accounts Must be Linked to Aadhaar

Biometric e-ID Solution to Help Alabamans File Taxes

Safran Identity & Security to Consolidate Biometric ID Systems of Oman

Better to Manage Refugees Than Refuse Them: UNHCR


News Roundup: A Week for Behavioral Biometrics and FingerprintsLiveness detection is becoming a critical topic in biometrics, and last week that was reflected in the news. Crossmatch announced a $5.8 million contract from IARPA that involves developing presentation-attack detection technology. SensibleVision, meanwhile, was using its own technology’s anti-spoofing features as a selling point with the announcement of its new facial recognition system.

SensibleVision Announces ‘Virtually Spoof-Proof’ Facial Recognition Solution

Crossmatch to Develop Presentation Attack Detection Tech for IARPA’s Thor Program


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