INTERVIEW: Precise Biometrics’ Fredrik Sjoholm at Money20/20 Europe [AUDIO]

INTERVIEW: Precise Biometrics' Fredrik Sjoholm at Money20/20 Europe [AUDIO]Precise Biometrics established itself as one of the world’s top providers of fingerprint algorithm software thanks at least in part to its prudent acumen, with the company having established a key partnership with fingerprint sensor provider Fingerprint Cards early on in the game, and later expanded its roster of partners as the mobile biometrics market became more crowded. True to character, the company has also maneuvered surprisingly well around the fingerprint sensor market crunch of the last year, and recently emerged with an algorithm solution tailored for biometric smart cards just as excitement about such technology is reaching a boiling point.

Speaking with FindBiometrics President Peter O’Neill at Money20/20 Europe, Precise Biometrics’ Senior Sales Director, Fredrik Sjoholm, emphasized those biometric card opportunities, asserting that interest in such technology “has really gained momentum”, and on a global scale. The two also discussed the technical challenges of such technology, the increasingly important theme of trust and security at Money20/20 in the wake of new regulations, and the rise of digital onboarding solutions in the course of their chat.

Listen to our full interview with Fredrik Sjoholm, Senior Sales Director, Precise Biometrics:

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